When the summer sun is most intense at the season honeydew pineapple, cool sweetness of the yellow pineapple sometimes make you have a rounded body that to be shy. In fact, eating pineapple is a very effective way to reduce fat and you can also call as natural food for skin care processing.

Pineapple benefits for health and beauty

Cooling and long young

Pineapple is not only used as a dessert after a meal of pineapple juice that helps heat and good refreshments. Pineapple juice helps reduce fatigue because it contains vitamin A, C, calcium, manganese … helps the body avoid the harmful effects of oxidation. So, drink pineapple juice will help reduce stress and work more efficiently. The cool glass of nutritious vitamins from pineapple will make your summer is hot but not become sweet, pure fragrance.

Thanks to work against the harmful effects of oxidation eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice regularly also give you the youth. Some simple drink, made from pineapple easy to work help you’re antipyretic and keeps young longer, such as pineapple juice, banana-pineapple vitamin, mango pineapple juice, orange pineapple honey vitamin, pineapple yogurt vitamin…

Method: Peel pineapple, remove all the eyes and rinse with water. Cut pineapple into small pieces for easy and fast to grind. The other fruit peeled, seeded and chopped into small pieces to facilitate grinding. For pineapple (or with other fruits), little water, sugar in proportion to fit the tastes of each person and grind. For more ice to the mixture was pureed pineapple juice (more or less ice depending on the preferences of each) and grind to a smoothie to cool at all. Pour a cup of vitamins, beautiful decorations and enjoy.


The plump girls please do not hesitate in pineapple sweet bar because scientists have studied and shown that eating pineapple is a very effective weight loss without side effects. But just keep in mind before you eat, you should put in brine for 5% (light salt) 1 hour and then dip the fish out and eat delicious, fresh medium. The stomach should only eat pineapple when you are full

Pineapple Face mask for skin carePineapple face mask for skin care

Every day, caused by exposure to sunlight, dirt often causes the skin surface was rough and easily burnt. Mask from pineapple juice will make your skin brighter every day because the pineapple that contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. Besides, the acid in pineapple will bromantic mild peeling the outer layer of keratinocytes to make skin smooth and whiter.

Besides smoothing effect and lighten the skin, the mask pineapple is also a natural treatment burnt skin is very good. So every week you should mask once to improve burnt skin. However, for those with sensitive skin and using acne treatment, hyperpigmentation treatment should not be used or time spent away from each other: two weeks/time and only for 3 to 5 minutes.

Method: Peel the skin clean, remove all eye and sliced pineapple juice and bring water. Get a paper mask placed on the surface, apply pineapple water, avoiding the eyes. Relax for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.


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