Everyone deals with stress differently.  Many people choose to light up a cigarette or get angry.  Both of these ways are very unhealthy both for your mind and your body.  So what kind of healthy alternatives are available for quick stress relief?  Let’s find out.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and YogaOne of the oldest methods of stress relief is meditation.  It is simple and easy to do and does not require long periods of training to get it right.  Just you and your mind and you have all you need.  The key is to breathe deeply and focus your mind on complete nothingness.  Once you are in a meditative state, you will definitely find that it will relieve some stress.  A nice side benefit is that it can help you get a better night’s sleep as well.

Sometimes using muscle relaxation techniques can be effective when practicing meditation.  To do this, first tense your muscles and then relax them slowly.  Usually you start at one end of your body – the toes – and then tense up those muscles, then release the tension slowly as you breathe deeply.  Then move up your body to your legs, hips, waist, chest, arms and head.  Focus on each muscle group as you go along.  You will find that yoga is a great compliment to this type of quick stress relief, but it does require a little more training.  The long-term benefits will definitely be worth it if you are looking to reduce stress, though.

Exercise – Fun Way To Reduce Stress

Exercise - Fun Way To Reduce StressExercise!  It’s fun!  OK, well maybe not fun you might be saying, but it sure is a good way to quick stress relief.  Plus there are a lot of positive benefits to exercise.  Exercise is easy to start, too.  If you’re not sure how to start, just do some push-ups to begin or maybe some sit-ups.  As long as you are focusing on exercises, whatever is causing you stress will fade into the background.  By the time you’re done focusing on that last impossible sit-up, the headaches from your job will be long gone.  Yes, you may feel a little sore when starting out exercising, but physical stress can be overcome much easier than emotional stress.  If you’re feeling a little too sore, maybe you can convince your significant other to give you a quick massage which is a great stress reliever and may lead to one of the greatest stress relievers of all!

Although meditation is a very old form of stress relief, it’s not the oldest and it’s not the most fun.  Today there is way too much prescription medication and therapy.  A much better way to relieve some stress is sex.  As long as you have a consenting partner, it’s a quick way to find stress relief and it can even be a form of exercise.  Most of all, it will put a smile on your face when you need it most.  Stress does tend to hurt your libido, but get creative and you may find that you are on your way to a very enjoyable stress management session.


If you look around for advice, you’ll find that meditation and breathing techniques are a very common solution for stress.  They are simple to use and very effective, while being easy to learn.  You can use meditative techniques for solving all sorts of problems.  When you exercise you have to breathe, right?  Well, it might seem obvious, but to breathe correctly is the key to effective exercising, whether you are jogging or practicing yoga.  A good night sleep can do wonders for your stress levels, and learning to meditate can only help you to achieve better sleep.

Happy at Home

Happy at Home - reduce stressWhen trying to relieve stress, you shouldn’t have to work too hard.  Exercising is good to relieve stress, but many consider it too much work.  Some other good tips are simple things like listening to relaxing music or using scented candles like aromatherapy to help achieve an inner calm.

And don’t forget that there is nothing like just doing nothing!  Listening to some soft music with some scented candles burning can be a great stress reliever.  And if you’re with the right person it may lead to a great stress reliever – sex.



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