Read more on cosmetics that contain alcohol

The concept of alcohol often makes us associate stimulating drinks. However, alcohol is a common ingredient in many skin care cosmetics. And it is not just a type of alcohol that you need to worry about. You need to know what is the kind of alcohol fatty alcohol, dangerous alcohol and what types you should avoid.

Read more on cosmetics that contain alcohol
Types of toxic alcohol is that you should completely avoid. This type alcohol containing  can kill bacteria, in some cases, this characteristic is beneficial, but that does not mean it will bring benefits to your skin. Kinds of alcohols that the skin becomes serious dry . Some common types of alcohol is toxic rubber alcohol and SD-alcohol 40. Because these types of alcohol tends to evaporate quickly, so, what kind of cosmetics containing ingredients alcohol is often dry and irritated. Ethyl, and methyl alcohol sopropyl are known for specific types of toxic alcohol that you should know.

The types of fatty alcohols are considered relatively safe type of alcohol to the skin. Representing some types of fatty alcohols such as glycol and panthenol have increased functional capacity of moisturizing skin care products and they act as a suction-moisture  allows water to be kept on the skin. Type of alcohol tocopherol also has antibacterial beyond moisturizing. Meanwhile, back kind of stearyl alcohol acts as a conductor can transfer and soften skin.

When selecting skin care products, you can read information “alcohol free”  printed on the label. But that’s not 100% true. You can understand this as follows: the product does not contain any ingredients that ethyl alcohol (a type of toxic alcohol), but it may contain some type of fatty alcohol. Some types of fatty alcohols are often used in the cosmetics industry such as: cetary alcohol, lanolin alcohol, Cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol.

In fact, there are over 100 types of alcohol is beneficial for the skin and can act as a component capable of antioxidants, derivatives, surface active , solvents and moisture.


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