Why is the red fruit? Because of their high vitamin C, have an inhibitory effect of aging, play a role in the formation of collagen, the best moisture for winter skin …

Red fruit in health and beauty of woman


Strawberry also contains vitamin C and magnesium levels high. Magnesium helps the metabolism of human body function properly.

Minerals in the oil also helps to absorb calcium better, which helps stabilize thyroid activity and regulate sugar in the body. Strawberry also contains more fiber, potassium, vitamin K.

Strawberries can overcome the skin oily, smooth skin (by mask drunken strawberry puree with yogurt or strawberry mask with honey), reduce swelling under the eyes (by up two slices sliced ​​strawberries), remove dead skin cells, hair care, teeth whitening (with a few slices of strawberry scrub teeth to get white teeth) …

Red Apples

Red fruit in health and beauty of womanRed apples are rich in nutrients protein, vitamin C and fiber, there are many trace elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus … which is essential for the body, especially hair.

Eat about 50g apple a day will help more black hair and combat hair loss.


Tomatoes contain vitamin C, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur … are beneficial for health and skin. So one little juice can eat more tomatoes to compensate for the lack of vitamin C and anti-aging process of the body. In addition, tomato also has many uses for the skin, namely:

– Balance oily skin. Tomatoes can improve and balance oil secretions in the skin on the face, skin and reduce oil increase the skin elasticity.

– Eliminate keratin: take a few pieces of sliced ​​tomatoes to apply on your face, then use the pieces of tomato that massage facial area to remove the keratin.

– Acne treatment: use cotton in makeup dipped tomato juice and apply on face. Oils and dirt in the pores are cleansed, no longer breeding conditions for acne.


These fruits have more vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Cherry fruit juice is often added to increase the amount of vitamin C for the juice of other fruit.

A 180 ml glass of cherry juice have vitamin C levels equivalent to 14 liters of orange juice. Cherry fruit is used as a source of vitamin C supplements for dieters as well as many other food sources.

Cherry fruit contains high melatonin helps regulate sleep, fight fatigue and helps prevent distractions. In addition, cherry contain phytochemicals anthocyanins also helps reduce arthritis and gout.

Red fruit in health and beauty of womanWatermelon

Watermelon contains vitamin A, B, C – the element to maintain healthy skin and bright. Parts of melon has its positive effects for the skin.

The nutrients in watermelon skin absorbs easily, so can add nutrients to the skin by the following mask:

– Remove freckles mask additional water will fade the freckles and bring cool to your skin. Peel away the green outer shell, white shell  to apply on your face or arm, holding about five minutes, then change to another piece. Repeat four times, then rinse with clear water.

– Vitamin additional mask. Use a melon scoop in a cup crushed to very fine and then apply on face. Then mask the layer of paper on top of the melon. Hold on for 20 minutes then wash off with water.

– Mask gives skin pure. In watermelon contains large amounts of water and fiber, with additional effects of moisture, shrink pores, helping skin to feel soft, relax. For melon in the fridge, cut cantaloupe that has been chilled then apply on your face, hold for five minutes, then wash face with water.

– Skin mask recovered after sun exposure. After sun exposure, skin burning sensation. This time, the skin should be very low heat, then apply the treatments.

Peel of watermelon additional effects of water, temperature and help your skin recover. The cool the skin is very simple: dip peel into honey and apply on face. Hold for about 25 minutes, then rinse face with cool water

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