Refined camellia oil – the secret to hair grow faster

Refined camellia oil has long been so popular he became a familiar part of skin care products, hair care, from cleaning products, moisturizing products to support other in-depth. Refined camellia oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants, with hair, it works to help hair grow faster.

Refined camellia oil to help protect hair. With component of vitamin E and antioxidants camellia oil to help protect hair from harmful agents from the external environment. In addition, camellia oil has the ability to absorb UV rays, thus, it helps protect hair from the harmful effects of sunlight.

On average, hair grows about 1-2 cm, but if you have a diet and way better hair care, hair growth may be faster. Hair is made of keratin. Remarkable ability to moisturize the camellia oil help hair more soft and shiny. Refined camellia oil will help reduce the phenomenon of dry hair, making hair stronger, thus, helping to break down the phenomenon of hair loss and split ends. When the phenomenon of fracture decreased loss, hair will grow better and faster.

Dab a bit of camellia oil on the hair when the hair is still wet (after washing is complete), use your hands to lightly massage oil evenly over the entire hair. Massage gently to absorb oil into the hair better. You can take care of your hair with camellia oil 1-2 times per week, however, should not use too much oil as this will cause oily, sticky

Also, you can also use camellia oil to massage your scalp to increase blood circulation and metabolism, thus hair will be better nourished. You should use your fingertips gently massage the scalp under the circle.

Hair extensions are very easy to dry and split ends, so, please put a bit of camellia oil on the hair and massage gently to healing the lesions of hair.


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