Remove discomfort scent on the body is simple

Any woman want more beautiful and attractive. And they often try to create a special flavor characteristics. But there are people obsessed by the “unpleasant odor” on your body. Let us learn some simple ways to eliminate them !

Remove discomfort scent on the body is simple
1. Bad breath
Many causes of bad breath such as poor oral hygiene, poor diet, a dry mouth or  medical illnesses. You are very hard to get your breath have smells, unless someone tells. Bad breath comes from the mouth and took off when you speak. Obviously this is a very “bad side.”
Quick solution to this problem is oral hygiene clean. Brush teeth at least 2 times per day, each time at least 2-3 minutes brushing. Clean between teeth with floss, use mouthwash and daily tongue cleaning also helps to remove odors caused by bacteria.

2. Body odor

If it seems that people want to divert away from you, or “breathtaking” when you’re around them, it is an opportunity for you to realize your body is probably “scent”. To eliminate odors on the body, trying to bathe once a day, if not at least once every 2 days (if cold weather), and in the shower needs some attention to the “sensitive.” Armpits and groin is the area has many sweat, cause bad body, so these areas should be clean bathroom with antibacterial soap, deodorant soap or natural substances such as lemon.
3. Smelly feet
People with foot odor is often afraid to wear shoes, but that’s a negative thinking. Shoes instead of fear, be treated with the bad leg the following advice: Wash your feet several times each day, especially after going on. Soak feet in warm water and apply soap for at least 2 times per day. Use a soft brush of silk is a list of toes. Always keep dry your feet  when wearing shoes. Replace all the shoes and pads regularly. Sometimes change shoes if possible.
People with bad severe leg that advice on the effect is not enough, try soaking the foot in the natural deodorant such as tea, sour vinegar (diluted with water), or acid, sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate) . Use moisture-proof lining in shoes can also reduce the “scent” .
4. Odor “characteristic” of the female
Period often causes odor from the genital area. In addition to the monthly cycle date, an imbalance of bacteria in the genital area can also cause bad breath. To overcome this, women should regularly clean and dry your genital area. Do not douche with chemical because can cause inflammation.
Do not use feminine hygiene sprays water, toilet paper impregnated with scent or deodorant tampons, because they can cause allergies and bacterial imbalances in the genital area.


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