Gucci Bloom 2017 Review – A great choice for ladies who love floral scents

If you are looking for a fragrance for spring and Valentine’s Day, Gucci Bloom will be a great choice for you. Take a look at the review below to find out why Gucci Bloom is extremely inflamed over time.

1. Design

In this Gucci Bloom debut, the Gucci brand brings a whole new dimension to the trend, but still catches up with the hugely popular Art Deco trends around the world. Saying that is new here because before we are familiar with the flow of perfume Gucci through the design of light metal material is full of youthful, modern or glass material but with Gucci Bloom That is the enameled pink glaze porcelain fancy just classic. The perfume bottle looks like a hand-crafted piece made from porcelain, so when you take it, it feels good.

Gucci Bloom 2017 Review - A great choice for ladies who love floral scents

Besides the material and color, the simple rectangular square box design adds the white-black paper label to the delicate product name as it embellishes the elegance of the product. However, because the label is made of white paper, it will be easy to dirty and if the water is too teary, so if you use it should be careful when preserving.

Referring to the box, the box of Gucci Bloom is also a plus for the overall packaging of the product, the vintage paper box texture is printed in the floral pattern with russet brown color as the name of the product. This design is reminiscent of Gucci’s famous Gucci flora if Gucci Flora is a modern, multi-colored flower, Gucci Bloom is a delicate and exquisite flower.

2. Fragrance

No need to introduce much with the name of the same concept filled with flowers, you probably guessed the main fragrance of Gucci Bloom is not right.

Gucci Bloom is a gerbera flower, and all the scents that are used to make her fragrance are especially fragrance of white flowers.

First, the softest and gentleest is the honeysuckle, the scent is unclear but contributes to Gucci Bloom more perfect and feminine. Next is the aroma of sambac jasmine and passionate, just elegant but also mysterious as you put into the lost space between the forest green flowers. And finally the brightest, brightest and most prominent scent from white lilies gives a soft, clean and soothing effect. Flavor like to give women a sexy effect, the power is still extremely natural, close.

To balance and at the same time embellish all of these floral aromas, the makers were very delicate when using the scent of iris roots to help blend together all together, creating a harmonious scent and entirety. Perhaps so, when you use it you will find it difficult to clearly distinguish between layers of incense, instead there is a sense of tranquility as it sinks into the garden of Eden during every moment that Gucci Bloom. encapsulated on the skin of the female.

3. Sillage and Longevity

Gucci Bloom is generally capable of flowering and smelling to a good extent, about 6-7h on the skin and easily felt at about half the arm. This is why Gucci Bloom is so versatile that women can use it in a variety of weather conditions, whether it’s cool or cold, whether it’s in the office or in the office. Dating or party you can put on this “flower” perfect.

4. Conclusion

This is an easy-to-use fragrance with an eye-catching design that fits nicely with any gender, so whether you choose for yourself or for a gift is great, especially the guy who intends to choose. Valentine’s gift is the right decision. This fragrance will be best promoted when you use it in the spring with cool weather blending with the fresh, tender and romantic fragrance of Gucci Bloom will surely bring you the moment. Quiet and full of poetry. In autumn-winter, if you like to use a warm, light aroma, Gucci Bloom is perfectly suited to this, so it can be said that it is as good as the year you can use it.


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