Only introduced and launched in early 2017, but all the women in the world like the pink storms of Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her. What made this princess get so scared?

1. Design

Narciso Rodriguez always seems to be loyal to his own design language, which is simple to picky?

Review Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her 2017 - Best Charming and Attractive Cologne for woman

The simplicity here is that the perfume bottle is usually styled with a rectangular square baseline, and the rectangular glass body of the slim glass looks just like the “supermodel”.

The essence here is how to make the color of the bottle, all versions of Narciso Rodriguez are covered with paint inside and then surrounded by transparent glass layer to feel very especially when holding hands. In particular, such a closed coating also has the effect of limiting the contact between the perfume and the outside light directly into the product will help preserve the product longer.

From the lid to the glass inside is covered with a sweet pink but not too teen, feeling like it is the color of the girl who has grown up, just feminine and beautiful.

Overall, Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her is not too new or special but still has its own unique characteristics are made up of two simple and luxurious elements, not to mention the strange colors and eye sucking as Fleur helps. Musc For Her attracts females.

2. Fragrance

Narciso Rodríguez Fleur Musc For Her brings the great duet of the duet for Fleur and Musc as the main factor. To be honest, these two notes have been the vedette in most of Narciso Rodriguez’s fragrances for so long. It is only now that two “girls” are being used as the official names for this edition.

Review Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her 2017

Fragrances are used to mix musk in the Narciso Rodriguez version. Fleur Musc For Her is a rose and peony, in which the roses are somewhat superior but have been lighter of the peony support. Smoothing makes the smell of roses bright and more exquisite. Musk fragrances appear as a layer of mist that surrounds the fragrance so you will easily notice the presence of musk is clear and sharp. Musk fragrances are found in all the fragrances of Narciso Rodriguez are always special and unforgettable, sexy but always brings a clean and smooth feeling.

The base note with the appearance of patchouli, amber and fluttering flowers gives a bit of warmth and a touch of sweetness and gentleness to preserve the feminine and mysterious scent. All have been perfected by Sonia Constant and Calice Beker perfume makers to create a fragrance for the elegant and individual ladies.

Review Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her 2017

3. Sillage and Longevity

The scents of the Narciso Rodriguez will never disappoint you with the ability to keep the smell, though not excellent but sufficiently superior so you do not have to spray perfume again for 5-8h. In addition, Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her gives you the ability to radiate moderate, not grumpy but slightly bold smell when the weather is hot if you are ready to welcome. Waiting for all eyes to fall on your side with all admiration.

4. Conclusion

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her is a pleasant fragrance, combining the grace of flowers and musk that brings a modern nuance of women. They are still feminine and sweet! But jokingly because she knows how to manipulate sensual instincts to make anyone admire their own confidence and sophistication.

Review newest Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her 2017