Rihanna revealed the secret stay in shape and ways to lose weight fast


How to lose weight fast? Exercise 30 minutes / day, eat in ‘5 Factor Diet regime ‘is the absolute way to help shape the singer should always toned that the tips from Rihanna


Like many women, Rihanna easy to gain weight when eating a poor diet and physical inactivity. So singing Diamonds to exercise regularly in order to effectively remove excess fat. She ran the 25 minutes / day with frequency 3 days / week on tour or travel and 30 minutes / day for 5 days in the house.

Besides, hard perform cardio exercises (exercises increase the heart rate), including cycling, jumping rope, stairs to endurance training, flexibility for the show. This method helps to quickly toned body. American workers also have a professional personal fitness instructor and always run on the machine when there is no time out.

Eating regimens


5 Factor Diet is the diet of Rihanna’s preferred because it helps to lose weight, get in shape safely, efficiently. Accordingly, she made plans last for 5 weeks, each day the singer had 5 small meals consumed fewer calories but must be 5 nutrients: protein, fiber, carbondydrate beneficial, healthy fats and map drink without sugar. The star did not feel hungry because the menu provides adequate nutrition for an active day.

The menu of the day include:
– Meal 1: A strawberry smoothie blender and a glass of fresh milk without sugar.
– Meal 2: Rice Risotto with mushrooms.
– Meal 3: A light appetizer.
– Meal 4: Grilled Bread with cheese.
– Meal 5: Chicken Soup cooked Indian style.

Although not like to eat vegetables everyday but she try to consume foods with fruits so that the body is always full of energy, and helps your skin looking younger and more beautiful


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