How rip bananas are good for you?


Ripe bananas contain TNF (tumor Necrosis Factor), this substance has the ability to fight abnormal cells. When ripe banana, banana peel appearance on the black spots or dark spots. The black marks as long as the ability to increase the immune higher.

How rip bananas are good for you?
How rip bananas are good for you?

In 100 grams of meat banana provides a lot of nutrients, such as:  92 kcal, 1,03g protein, 396 mg K, 1 mg NA, 6 mg Calcium, 0,31 mg Fe, 29 mg Mg, 20 mg P, 0,16 mg ZN,  0,104 mg Cu, 0,152 mg Mn, 1,1 mcg Se…

However, not everyone can eat ripe bananas. People with the following diseases should avoid eating this dish, because it is not good for health.

If you have type 2 diabetes absolutely ripe bananas

Ripe bananas have high nutritional value, food is good for all ages. But if you’re having problems with type 2 diabetes, it absolutely should not eat ripe bananas because it would increase the amount of sugar in your blood.

People with heart disease absolutely ripe bananas

For cardiovascular disease, often have to use a beta-blocker drugs make potassium in your blood. If adding foods high in potassium such as bananas cooked will influence negatively on health.

People with kidney disease absolutely ripe bananas

Eating too much potassium can be harmful for people with kidney damage. Because if the kidneys do not work well to remove excess potassium in the blood, it can be fatal for the patient.

If you have a headache absolutely ripe bananas

The pain started to eat bananas in moderation. Nutritionist Flores said headache patients need to eat bananas because “banana amino acids in the blood vessels to dilate.” Ripe bananas contain more amino acids than green bananas.


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