Routines to keep healthy beautiful skin


No need to use those expensive cosmetics, do not worry for fear of side effects from skin care products … You can own a beautiful healthy skin by doing regular daily routine days.

1. Reasonable diet

Routines to keep healthy beautiful skin

A reasonable diet will give you a healthy skin

In the daily diet, you reduce the high sugar foods, fat is not good for the skin instead, take food supplements rich in protein ending types such as eggs, fish, foods low in fat ( especially walnuts).

You must also realize what you are eating under stress. You should apply this diet throughout the day especially at breakfast because it helps reduce appetite in the day.

Effect: Protein is an important factor to help you maintain energy and mood stability. Protein also work to maintain balance blood sugar levels to help control certain types of hormones (including insulin). Protein supplement to help reduce hunger but can negatively affect mood, not good for the skin.

2. Exercise regularly

Routines to keep healthy beautiful skin

Let’s eliminate all anxiety, depression in the body by exercising at least 30 minutes per day. Practice any sport every day for exercise only limited effect as most stressful 24 hours.

Therefore, to achieve optimal results, you need to exercise every day, regardless of time: morning, after dinner or at any spare time … Please consider this a job you do every day.

For many people, exercise also reduces stress effects

Effect: Regular activities help strengthen the blood circulation, providing more nutrients to cells and skin. It also increases lung capacity, help you breathe more oxygen, improving mental health and reverse diseases related age . For many people, exercise also reduces stress effects.

3. Deep breathing exercises

You should perform deep breathing exercises to balance oxygen and CO2 in the body. Perform exercises that by breathing slowly and control each breath. You can perform this exercise 2 time/day.

Effect: When you focus on your breathing, you will not worry about anything else. This exercise helps to remove tension creates a psychological comfort.

4. Focus on good things

Make a habit of recording all the good things and the things you were thankful for the day on a small record book each day. And write out the reasons why.

Effect: The recorded events took place in the good days will help your mind focus on the good things to help minimize the stress of thinking is not good for skin pigmentation.

5. Enough sleep

Routines to keep healthy beautiful skin

Try to sleep from 6 to 8 hours each night to create a good mood no sense of craving sleep early every morning

Effect: You think this method is too simple, but actually very effective in beautifying the skin. Enough sleep will create psychological comfort, reduced stress and fatigue during a long day of productivity.


For most of us, life is busy, but time went too fast again. You do not have time to relax a bit more. Still, every day you spend 10 – 15 minutes to find their own moments of quiet and relaxation.

Effect: Relax a bit will help you feel more comfortable. This will help psychologists and the whole body to rest and then do a better job. Your mood will also more than the forehead after each minute to relax as this.

7. Making sex

Routines to keep healthy beautiful skin

Enjoy happiness with your spouse at least 1 time / week

Effect: The benefits of sex a lot and then one of them is the effect of beautiful skin. When implementing these activities, three hormones endorphins, a natural addicted, prolactin is produced in the brain, clear all sorrows melt, feeling relaxed and comfortable.


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