8 Surprising Uses of Salt for Skin, Hair, Teeth and Nails


Salt or sea salt has more or less the same concentration of minerals and nutrients, so it becomes beneficial to us for many reasons. People have been using it to ages to restore the body and skin in a natural way. The salt we use at home is also helpful for balancing the body and protecting the skin. The presence of key minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium make it great for improving our skin’s health in a way with no harm.

In fact, the minerals also make the same help in the maintenance of the skin’s function. More importantly, you can use salt to achieve the desired mineral balance of the skin and avoid symptoms like dullness, dryness, irritation etc. during the colder or dryer months. Salt can be used to improve and balance hydration and provide strength to not only the skin but also to hair, nails and teeth. So, you should learn the use of salt to stay on top of your dental health in the most natural of ways possible.

Here are some of surprising uses of salt for the skin, hair, teeth and nails

3 best cucumber face mask in 20161. Use as A Balancing Mask

You can use salt as a balancing mask and keep your skin healthy and protected. When used in combination with honey, the anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe the skin and save it from irritation. The same formula can also be used to balance oil production and save hydration in the skin layers. To use it, you must first prepare a paste by mixing little quantity of salt and honey and then apply it to the dry skin. After 10-15 minutes, rinse and then wring out the skin using a washcloth.

2. Use It as A Facial Toner

You can use salt to cleanse pores deeply and balance oil production in the skin. It also helps in preventing the outbreak of bacteria known for causing acne and pimples. Using salt as facial toner will help you sap the excess oil from the skin and give it a new lease of life. The method is very simple where you can mix some salt with warm water and prepare a solution. You can mist it on clean and dry skin and, can do it twice daily to see the difference.

3. Use It as a Body Scrub

If you want to cast off dead skin naturally, try salt as it’s a gentle natural exfoliate. The minerals present in it can help restore hydration and soften the skin.  The method is very simple where you first need to prepare a thick paste of salt and olive oil of coconut oil. After the paste is ready, apply it with a washcloth and scrub your skin in a gentle and circular motion. Within days, your skin’s deal cells will be gone to leave you with a flawless and bouncy skin.   5 surprising beauty secrets for fair skin

4. Relaxing Salt Bath

Salt is very helpful when it comes to cleansing the skin’s pores deeply. It does that by absorbing all the dirt, toxins and grime you skin may get daily. More so, the mineral content present in it can help the skin maintain hydration by restoring the protective barrier. People who use salted water and soak their skin in it can experience no wrinkle or prune. This happens because salt bath can help the skin retail its moisture and can also help reduce bloating in the body. you can soak in the water for 15 to 30 minutes and see the difference to your skin.

5.  Anti-Dandruff Scalp Treatment

Salt has long been used as an anti-dandruff scalp treatment with impressive results. It can help loosen the existing flakes and then can stimulate circulation to ensure a healthy scalp. More importantly, it is known to absorb moisture and excess oil which helps prevent fungal growth. This is how the root of dandruff is weakened and you get relief from those white flakes. To get the benefit, sprinkle some salt on the scalp and then massage it gently using wet fingers. Do it for 10 minutes and then wash and condition the hair. You will get instant relief. Natural treatments for hair loss 

6. Natural Mouth Wash

if you’re troubled with bad breath and want only a natural treatment, salt is then the way to go. It is very effective against the bacteria that cause bad odour to the mouth. Salt is a very good disinfectant and used for so many medical purposes due to this quality. The method is very simple where you can prepare a mixture of salt, baking soda and water. Now, you can swish the solution in the mouth, between the mouth and do it for 10 minutes.  You can then spit it and rinse to see the difference.

7. Nail Brightening Treatment

Salt is used a lot for brightening the nails and giving back their natural shine and lustre. It not only softens cuticles and skin but can also provide strength to your nails. And when used in combination with baking soda and lemon, it can help reduce stains and yellowing and restore brighter-looking nails in the most natural way possible.  The method of use is very simple where you can prepare a mixture of salt, baking soda and lemon juice. Once the solution is ready, soak the nails in it for 10 minutes, then scrub it and moisturize. It will ensure great results.

8. Teeth Whitener

Salt is not good for tooth cavity treatment buts its utility as teeth whitener is never in doubt. It works as a gentle abrasive that can remove stains and restore the whiteness and brightness of the teeth in a natural manner. And yes, the fluoride mineral present in it makes it good for your teeth and gums alike. To benefit form it, prepare a mixture if salt and baking powder and then dip your toothbrush in it before brushing normally. It will deliver instant results and your teeth will become whiter even without trying some cosmetic.


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