Pencil eyeliner- a few things you may not know


Since ancient times, Arab women would use the Kohl powder – a kind of black powder to hit the lower eyelids. Initially it was a mixture of soot with some other material to protect the eyes from the pain.

The Arabic mothers origin  believe that Kohl multiplies the child’s eyes to protect them from the “evil eye”. Perhaps they never thought that things black powder that later became the first weapon of many women around the world who want to use eyes to heaven for more glamorous makeup, to assert themselves and attract the opposite.

Pencil eyeliner- a few things you may not know- a few things you may not know

Some tips when eyeliner

When outline, so try to keep the line as close to lashes stick better. To avoid the lines are blur and jagged, when who should head back and looked back down the mirrors below. Doing so will stretch over the eyelids, sharp lines, lead will stick all over eyelid.

If you are new to start using eyeliner, you should sit on the table and put a mirror in front, beside the other placed a mirror on the table to be able to look down.

When eyeliner, put your elbow on the table posture will definitely help you steady when outline . You should definitely be a line not stressing, broken down eyelid will blur the line and not being in the right direction desired.

When clean lines, clean hands that are not used to get a piece of absorbent cotton makeup remover that contains high oil content, pressure on the eyes and for about 30 seconds before wiping. So oil will soak and push the skin care products from a gentle eyes the most natural.

Some points to note when using eyeliner

What is the most important point of eyeliner?

An important thing to remember before you can exploit the strengths of the pen is its role in the makeup. Eyeliner is used to determine the position of the eyes on the face, creating the impression for the face and makes your eyes soft, seductive or sharper. So, whether you want natural makeup style or shock through the eyes of “panda”, you also need to comply with the principles and rules to remember: a beautiful line that increases the space lines for eyes and eyes to the beauty of balance and harmony to the face.

Pencil eyeliner- a few things you may not know- a few things you may not know

How to determine what type of pen with eyes?

Most cosmetic companies offer many different colors so customers have more choices and color schemes. Color pen with your eyes is the color respect the beauty of your eyes no matter what color eyeshadow is used. Pencil helps create depth to the eyes and make the eyelids look fuller, so you should choose the color dark brown, gray or black for the upper eyelid and yellowish brown, brown, gray, chestnut brown, brown, gray or black for the lower eyelid.

 How long a eyeliner can use?

Cosmetics like food, sometimes just look or smell as we know it through personal care products that are still “eat” or was “stale”. Ideally, you should store the pen in a cool, dry place, avoid hot areas, such as moist bathrooms. To protect the eyes from infection occur every 3-6 months to replace a water pen. With a soft pencil can normally be used in a long time (2 years), but should regularly clean pencil sharpened to avoid bacterial buildup on the lead, a long time will cause eye infection makeup .


Always recap tightly after use

Eyeliner has many types: pencil, water, compressed powder … Each type is further divided into two lines: no drift and high heat resistance or normal used. The color is various, if not to say that all colors from rainbow to fine powder or lamé.

Is eyeliner cosmetics directly to the eye should be checked often to the user safety very carefully – especially with the professional brand. However, for the product line aqueous eye, there are some products that contain substances to evaporate faster drying line will make your eyes hypersensitive easy tears slightly.

Depending on whether you guys like the eye contour, then select the appropriate type of pencil.


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