One trend  choose perfume now depend on age, thus creating a personality for the user.

Choice perfume by age
Trends select perfume by age group

Trends this year chosen fragrance on the main natural incense smells like a cool orange flavor, lemon. Especially enjoyed the office’s gentle fragrance that no less fascinating as rose, violet, vanilla, herbs … feeling friendly, pleasant people around.

Usually, buyers tend to choose perfume season, however, recently many people prefer to choose aromas with age. Flavor is also to tell the age, nature of work, environment and personality of each person.

45 to 55 age group: At this age often prefer brands like Chanel 5 or Lancome Poeme smell noble tones, creating a strong impression. But the hot odor. Distinguish genuine-imitation goods

According to experts offer perfume, imitation is the same model to the 70% found it very easy to buy wrong. There are fake spray perfumes smell different perfumes not true, but so much so after 30 minutes, the scent disappears completely. When you buy should look at the color ink, and the angle of bar code on the bottle. Do not fake sharp little details so observant can still get out.

Groups from 30 to 40 years old: this age group likes of Lancome Magnifique Perfume, Jadore Dior or Chanel Chance scent sexy, sweet and rich in oil.

From 19 to 22 age group: Natural smell of concrete and dynamic young as Moschino Hippy fizz , Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste
However, the choice of this age is just common standards for the selection of perfume. In fact, there are products with a brand but have two different kinds of incense to separate male or female. Often choose the male odor strong, masculine. Often we will feel the smell of perfume bottle timber in the south. Besides, women often smells of perfume and flowers, fruit, brought to the sweetness.

Proper use of perfume

This is a problem that many beginners encounter known perfumes. Usually want to keep long and smell permeates many levels, we should be sprayed into the vessel where pulse such as wrist, neck and to be separated from a span.

In addition, environmental dust, sweat, fabric softener and use both types of shampoo and milk also makes the skin lose the scent of each featured fragrance. The best way we should choose the same product nutrition labels. Or just not use the milk bath shower before spray perfume.

In case you want to smell the heat and gently perfume spread throughout the body. You or spray from above and step through, but this will make perfume bottle with you very quickly. Spray at least 2 layers of flavor, the smell will keep longer.

However, there are still some cases with a perfume bottle using the same. But each of the body scent changes. That is because each person’s sweat smells different, so the interaction between products on skin.

Environment that is also very important to you in selecting the flowers to match. Workplace, should use closed room smell rather gently cool the heat and smell of the excursions.

The proper use of perfume will give you the confidence in the job more attractive as well as life. But they should not be abusing them will cause the opposite effect.


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