Some people do not see diet and health as a priority. Most of the time, they treat their career, their finances and other external factors as more important things. Your health is your most important investment for a successful life. If you are not eating the right food, there will be consequences in the future. This is why you need to invest in this area. Now, how would you know that is high time for you to invest in diet and health? Here are some of the symptoms:

1. You are angry, cranky, anxious and stressed most of the time 

Your negative emotions are the external manifestation of your health. Believe it or not, a person who gets cranky all the time is suffering from a deficiency that makes his or her body suffer emotionally. Stress is another symptom that you are not eating the right food. When your diet is not healthy and you are not eating the right food during the day, you feel tired and you are losing your motivation to work and be productive. This will then lead to stress and anxiety. Due to nutrient deficiency, your brain will then signal your body to act cranky, anxious and even angry. 

You have headaches, chronic pain or are often getting sick
2. You have headaches, chronic pain or are often getting sick

Headache is not only caused by the heat and other pressure around you. This can also be triggered by the food that you eat. Eating too much salt and too much sugar can cause headaches. And not only that, the excess amount of salt can also attack your kidneys and cause pain. The body needs enough nutrients for it to function well. Think about all the activities that you need to accomplish every day and the amount of energy that the body needs. If the nutrients you get from the food you are eating is not enough, you will certainly get sick. Aside from nutrient deficiency, not enough water intake can also be a cause of a headache. 

3. You count and get stressed about calories and forget about nutritional content 

This happens when you suddenly gain weight. If your diet consists of instant and processed food, you will find yourself gaining more weight as days pass by. And most people would confront this problem by counting calories. Even if you are going to cut off the calories that you are eating, you will definitely not lose weight if you are not going to shift into a healthier diet. Instead of counting the calories, you should start assessing the nutritional content of the food that you eat. Shifting to natural food can be a great starter for you. 

4. You give yourself excuses not to exercise, over and over again 

We all deal with busy schedules. And this is the overly used excuse for not exercising. The problem starts when we do not eat healthy and we do not exercise either. If you think your schedule won’t allow you to exercise regularly, you need to look at the other area of your health, your diet. When you start eating healthy, you will also find yourself becoming fit and it can be a good motivation for you to exercise. 

5. You skip meals every day 

Not only does skipping meals make you feel cranky all day, it can also affect your health in the long run. If you are skipping meals, you will definitely making yourself suffer. Without the energy that you need, you will certainly get drained and you will not be able to work productively the whole day. 

6. You are unable to get a proper sleep

If you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, it only means that your body is not properly adjusted to its normal cycle. The best way for you to get this problem fixed is to engage yourself in regular exercise. You can start by jogging for an hour every morning. It will not only signal your body to become more active the whole day but will also help you sleep better at night. There are healthy drinks like tea that can help you sleep better at night. 

7. You are unhappy with your body image or have excessive weight to lose 

This is the most obvious symptom that will tell you that you really need to focus on health and diet. The result of eating unhealthy food and not exercising is something that can be very depressing. If you cannot look at yourself in front of the mirror without feeling bad about yourself and your weight, it means that you have some fixing to make with regards to your health and diet. Start by deciding that you want to be healthy again. After making a decision, you start assessing the food that you are eating. You should also decide to engage yourself in healthier activities. 

8. You feel chronic pain in any part of the body 

Majority of the conditions that most people experience can be attributed to the food that they eat. The chronic pain your feel in any part of your body is an indication that a part of your system is not functioning well. You can consult your doctor whenever you experience this. Surely, one of the things that they will ask you to do is to change into a healthier diet. 

9. You don’t have a proper routine 

When all the deadlines pile up and schedules are too tight, your diet and your health are the ones that are being sacrificed. If you are thinking of the work you need to finish, you will think of giving up lunch or snack time. Scheduling your activities will help you maintain a healthy diet. Instead of sacrificing your health, you have to consider fixing your schedule. 

10. You are feeling low

The feeling of sadness and being negative can also be a symptom that you are not doing it right when it comes to your health. If you are constantly feeling low, you should consider exercising. You can jog around the park or join some friends at the gym. It is scientifically backed up that exercises can help boost your emotions.

Your health is more important than any other material possessions you have in this world. Take care of your body and you will certainly increase your chance of becoming successful.