Six Best Money Saving Beauty Tips


The cosmetic is relentlessly innovating and there are so many new products available every now and then for us to choose from. Every makeup lover knows the real struggle when shopping for make-ups. This stage can really be vexing because these beauty products can really put a dent in our wallet. And most of the time, when we go to a make-up store, we end up splurging way more than we have initially planned. Though we it’s not always bad to luxuriate over the things we love, when it comes to basics, it is good to be able to save some bucks.

So if you’re one of the many who wants to get spare more bucks for your bank, take a look at these six best money saving beauty tips.

Research, Research, Do a Tons of Research

It is always your edge if you are knowledgeable about the things you currently deal with. So before going to your favorite makeup store, be sure that you’ve done tons of research. And signing up and subscribing to a website that specializes in the beauty industry is really worth a try. One popular example of these websites is This site includes valuable reviews for both high-end and drugstore brands.

For example, if you want to buy a new face foundation, go to and click on Product Reviews, Face Foundation, and search. Here, you can instantly sort the choices based on the price, number of reviews, and overall average rating. And by the time you’ve found some products but you still want to learn more about, just click on the links and read the individual reviews. Reading lots of reviews will make you equipped to actually go to the store and start shopping. Of course, if you land buying the right product, you’ll surely save some cash.

Find Duplicates

Find duplicates or “dupes” of your desired favorite high-end beauty products for more affordable alternatives since most of the time, dupes are cheaper versions of the same product. You can also check for some websites like Temptalia that do makeup reviews and find duplicates. Temptalia writes about how the two versions are different and then rates how close is the drugstore version to its high-end twin.

For example, if you are looking up for a high-end beauty product like MAC Ruby Woo, you can find a lot of dupe recommendations like Maybelline Very Cherry which is shown to be $9.51 cheaper than MAC and matches Ruby Woo 94%.

Truly, if you’re not considering drugstore duplicates, you’re really missing out a chance to save money.

Try, Try, Before You Buy

If you fail in finding a drugstore version of your most wanted makeup, it’s okay to acquire it from signature shops like Ulta or Sephora. But before you splurge on a too expensive makeup, try first a sample of it. It is a pro tip to always get samples before buying a make-up and don’t get easily fooled by the bright lights of the store. Getting samples also give you an assurance that the make-up you’re about to buy doesn’t have adverse reactions to your skin.

As always, it is wiser to get a sample and try it to avoid regretting buying something you actually do not like. And this cuts back on the sum of returns you will have to compensate and you can decide in advance if this is really the product that you really want to fully spend it or not.

Wait for Great Deal Sales

If there’s one thing most of us love when shopping, that’s saving a bit of dosh. So hey, keep your patience and wait for great deal sales. Sephora and Ulta have sales or coupons once in a blue moon, so prepare your cash to hoard when they do. And make sure to follow every social media accounts they have. Because they share exclusive discounts, contests, and giveaways on there that you definitely don’t want to miss. Ulta usually sales around holiday seasons while Sephora’s sales are in April and November. Stock up now for these seasons! Also, joining their email list can help you be more watchful to avoid these big sales.

Join the Rewards Program

Getting something precious for free is true happiness. Imagine, you can get your desired make-up from an esteemed store for free! Signing up to join these stores’ rewards programs is definitely a must. Most establishments nowadays have a point system where you get rewarded for every money you spent on buying their products. These rewards may be in a form of coupons, points that convert to cash that you can eventually redeem and other free products. Sephora and Ulta also have these rewards system, of course. So sign-up now!

Find and Check the Sale Section

Finally, to complete these money-saving beauty tips, always make it a habit to find and check the sale section when shopping for make-ups. These sale sections can have great stuff if poke around. And here’s another hack: always check their clearance area.

Final words

There’s always a way to a penny when shopping for something especially beauty products. Just be patient to do a careful research before deciding to splurge. You can snatch great deals by experimenting with less expensive brands and by watching for great deals and sales.


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