Six Ways You Can Make Losing Weight Easier Than Ever


If you’re trying to lose weight, there is tons of opposing opinions online that you’ve probably come across. Some fitness gurus claim that vegan diets or even raw vegan diets will get you lean in no time. Others state that drastically reducing carbohydrates will lead to a great caloric deficit, which will allow you to speed up the process much better. The same dilemma is present when it comes to training.

Some fitness experts claim that you should jog, while others claim that short, high-intensity workouts are the best for preserving muscle while eating fewer calories.

So What Is The Correct Answer?

The correct answer is that there is no single answer or strategy that will work for all people. We are all individuals who lead different lives and have different careers, relationship and overall biological makeup. Some people are able to lose weight faster if they go on a vegan diet, while others excel on a high fat, low carb diet. Some people eat one meal a day and do just fine, while others need six small meals throughout the day to feel full and lose weight.
However, there are some guidelines that everyone should follow. So here are the six ways you can speed up weight loss and create your dream physique faster than you expected.

1. Skip The First Meal

Six Ways You Can Make Losing Weight Easier Than EverYou might have heard of intermittent fasting before. This is an eating technique which could be summed up as skipping breakfast. What researchers and practitioners of this dietary approach have discovered is that skipping breakfast doesn’t make us more hungry, and it doesn’t lower our energy levels at all.

In fact, being in a fasting state for a couple of hours a day is healthy, because it allows our body to take a break from the consumption and digestion of food. Opposed to the conventional wisdom that we need a big breakfast to lose weight, the truth is that breakfast is unnecessary if you can eat 2 larger meals later on in the day. Skipping breakfast will also not make you hungry.

The body in the fasted state can last without any symptoms of hunger for much longer than we think. The main reason we get hungry throughout the day is not because we actually need to eat all the time, but rather because of insulin spikes that occur after eating a meal. Which leads us to the second tip.

2. Eat Less Sugar

Six Ways You Can Make Losing Weight Easier Than Ever- Eat less sugarThe main reason why we are constantly craving sugary foods is – because we’re eating them all the time! It’s an endless cycle of insulin spikes which cause hunger even 2 hours after we ate a large meal. Insulin spikes happen when we intake a large amount of sugar. The body needs to process it, and this leads to a hormonal reaction.

Insulin levels are raised, and insulin unfortunately also raises our appetite after the blood sugar levels return back to normal. This process becomes addictive after some time. The only way to break this cycle is to cut back on sugar for a couple of days and replace it with more protein, healthy fats, and green vegetables.

This way you will adjust to a new source of nutrients, and you won’t crave the sugary, processed foods as much because the main reason you were craving them was due to the constantly oscillating blood sugar levels.

3. Eat More Fiber

Six Ways You Can Make Losing Weight Easier Than Ever - Eat more fiberEating more fiber is the final diet tip, and the easiest one to implement. Fibrous foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, whole wheat grains, brown rice, and various fruits are great sources of nutrients that have a limited amount of calories. In other words, they will fill you up easily without you needing to eat a lot.

Fiber is a nutrient that requires a lot of digestive power. It is the main source of food for the good bacteria in our digestive tract, and the longer those bacteria are eating the fiber, the longer we are able to go without eating.

The opposite is true for fast-acting carbohydrates like those of white bread, cakes and cookies which convert to sugar a lot faster. So replacing the fast acting carbs with fiber-packed foods is a healthy and weight loss inducing method that will make your weight loss journey much easier and faster.

4. Train On An Empty Stomach

Train On An Empty StomachIn the last 3 tips, we will focus on the best training tips for weight loss. We’ve already mentioned that fasting is a great way to improve fat loss because of dietary reasons, but there are also benefits of training in a fasted state. The main benefit is that it’s simply easier to train on an empty stomach.

If we have a lot of food in our belly, the energy that could be directed towards working out will be partially engaged in the digestive process. By not eating a few hours before training we are allowing our physical and psychological state to be at an optimal level for training.

Another reason we should train on an empty stomach is because that way we will burn fat, rather than the stored glycogen reserves. This means that we will be taking energy from our fat cells, rather than the meal we ate before working out.

5. Focus On Fun Activities

Focus On Fun Activities
The best way to lose weight is to actually find a workout style you enjoy. The main focus when it comes to weight loss is to be in a caloric deficit. This should be achieved mostly through a good diet. The workouts can further the caloric deficit through burning calories, but the main purpose of workouts should really be to create a nice physique.

If you only eat less and skip workouts, your body won’t be as firm and aesthetically pleasing as it could have been if you implemented some physical activity as well. This can really be anything you like, as long as it makes you sweat and taxes your muscle to an extent.

Some fun and dynamic activities you can do are martial arts, CrossFit, circuit workouts, or a simple weight lifting workout. Whatever floats your boat and makes you excited for going to the gym.

6. Compound Movements

Compound MovementsYou can be male, female, old or young, but when you’re eating fewer calories than usual, your body will not like it if you push it too hard in the gym. The common mistake people make when trying to lose weight is to do more sets and reps than they would usually do. They fall into the trap of thinking that more is better. That’s really not the case, and it can lead to overtraining, sore muscles and injuries.

In order to prevent this from happening, it’s best to do fewer isolation exercises and more compound movements, such as squats and deadlifts. These movements engage every muscle in the body so that you can do fewer repetitions and get basically the same results.

Also, when doing these movements, it’s highly recommended to wear a best weight lifting belt to improve form and prevent overworking the lower back and abs, they also help your back straight while you perform the exercises. This is especially true when you start adding more weight to the bar as your strength improves.


There are many ways to improve burning fat, and it would take a long book to cover all the tiny aspects that could be improved. But I’m positive that the six tips I’ve laid out for you in this article will prove to be a major benefit in your workouts and dietary weight loss approach.



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