Skin Care Tips For Party Season


End of the year was the season of festivals and gala. It is time for her to shine with gorgeous outfits, adorned fashionable colors to transform into the spotlight. However, because high-frequency impact of cosmetics as well as food and unhealthy timetable that skin lesions are also no less. The girls let’s refer to good recipes detoxification for skin.

Makeup remover and cleansing the skin properly

After the end of the party, despite being extremely “Hangover” you do not ever leave the face makeup to bed. The first thing when you go home is to remove make-up and wash your face thoroughly with a dedicated solution, especially in sensitive areas such as eyes, lips. One face is cleaned before falling asleep will bring a fresh and refreshing to the skin the next day wake up.

The next day, take the time to exfoliate. Mineral salts used to remove dead skin stratum corneum, the skin returns smooth. Note the extremely sensitive skin, choose products that fit! In addition to beauty, there is exfoliating body treatments, help activate the flow of the small blood vessels under the skin, removes dead skin cells, making the skin becomes fresher.

Enough sleep

A lack of sleep will bring a swollen eyes, dark circles, sun burns and can lead to chapped skin. Go to bed early will probably be one of the most difficult things at the end of this year, especially when so many jobs require you to solve, and an invitation to attend the company’s party, friends, relatives every series appears. However, try to arrange for a sleep at least 7 hours / day for your body to healthy living.

Drinking more water every day

Normal body need water, partying season higher demand due to the toxic waste from the unhealthy food and alcohol substance.

Although drinking water is not directly effective in moisturizing the skin more, but they contribute to purify the body, brings a touch of freshness and pleasure to you from within. Besides water, you can add vitamins from fruit juice or succulent. If possible, detox body by the simple formula with lemongrass drink, lemon, cucumber … The effect will surprise you!

Moisturizing the skin

The 10 Most Effective Wrinkle Treatment Options

The lack of sleep, drinking alcohol accidentally severely dehydrated skin. Not only causes tanning dry, the dark circles, puffiness and even wrinkles will begin to appear. Then after partying, go hard skin moisturizing offline. Note Using dedicated cosmetics for eye skin to achieve optimum efficiency.

Besides the skin, do not forget girls pamper your skin with body lotion body fit. A skin velvety smooth hands and feet are unexpected bonus when the dresses sexy presence there. Especially the skin back and neck should be more thorough care for hugging dresses bare back and chest gouged.

Just keep in mind and implement these tips, be sure that the most difficult challenge for you this time will just decide what to wear dress shoes that go with severance


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