The feeling of an infant’s cheeks makes us wonder if our skin can be that soft. Then the bubble breaks and we realize it can’t be true. Why do you think that way? Probably because you’ve seen models with tons of makeup and then seen yourself in the mirror to witness it’s the other way round?

Each person is bound to follow a routine each day. The day starts with waking up, getting ready, rushing to work, performing household chores and giving time to family. Why do we forget our skin also demands equal attention? We love the fresh, glowing, and acne-clear skin, so we need to do something about it.

Skin is our body’s largest organ and our body’s guardian. Without it, we cannot survive. It protects us against temperature changes and forms a protective waterproof material as it has three layers.

Your skin type may be one of the following:

  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination (Some parts are oily while some are dry. You will have an oily T-zone)
  • Sensitive
  • Normal (you’d be the luckiest if you fall in this category)

Skin Problems? Here are the 6 Things you should do in your skincare routine!

For instance, avoid tree tea oil if your skin is dry. It may seem like a never-ending quest at first, but once you understand your skin you’ll be good to go. We take time to time to adapt to changes and our skin does the same. Read on for the skincare tips you will never regret following.

1. Hydrate

Skin is an important organ of your body and is affected by the food and drink intake like any other organ. Drinking 2-3 liters of pure water is essential for the skin’s well-being. It does not rejuvenate the pre-damaged skin although it can prevent the future damage to a certain extent.

Who doesn’t hate itchy skin, cracking lips, and dry skin? To avoid that, keeping it hydrated is vital.

There are other ways to purify and hydrate your skin such as cleansing and exfoliating. The hydrating masks also contribute to a good skincare routine. Create masks using ingredients such as honey, aloe Vera, bananas, yogurt, jojoba oil and almond oil.

2. Use a gentle face wash

Wash your face twice daily using a good face wash. This doesn’t mean you buy big brands. Buy something that suits your skin and isn’t very harsh on it. The goal is to eliminate dirt and make you look fresh. Wash your face with plenty of water and rinse the product thoroughly. Using body soaps on the face is not recommended.

3. Cleanse

Cleanse the skin to shrink the pores on the face, remove black and whiteheads and get rid of dirt, pollution, sweat, and oil that settles on the skin. Get your hands on a good cleanser. Gently massage it on your face and remove it with a cotton pad. It eradicates traces of makeup (if any) and impurities. In short, it revitalizes your skin.

skincare routine steps4. Toner

As the name suggests, it balances the ‘tone’ of the skin. A lot of misconceptions revolve around the use of a toner. Many argue that its use makes the skin even worse. That’s not true. Toners help get rid of the germs. They boost hydration, minimize the pores, and lessen dullness on the face.

Dab a few drops of a good toner on a cotton ball and whip it upwards. Use it at night when your skin is still damp after washing the face.

5. Moisturizer or a serum

It is in winters when skin becomes dry and flaky. That’s when lazy people like me use moisturizers. They should, however, be used all year round. Put a few drops in your palm and pat it on your skin.

Unknowingly, moisturizers are not only meant for people with dry or combination skin. Even if you have oily skin, it is recommended to use one. It hydrates and softens the skin.

A face serum is an alternate or a different version of a moisturizer. They don’t replace moisturizer but work better than those.  Use serums before moisturizing your face.

Note: don’t mix the two. Serums and moisturizers use different ingredients. Hence use it one by one.

6. Use a good sunscreen

Heat is getting crazier, with summer around the corner, be extra careful of the harmful UV rays of the sun. Apply a thick layer of a sunscreen. It prevents the fine-lines, wrinkles, and textural imperfections to grow on your skin. Furthermore, regular use of sunscreen can prevent skin cancers. Experts recommend using an SPF 30 sunscreen and apply 30 minutes before going out into the sun. Also, apply before you put your makeup on.

skincare routine: Use a good sunscreenTake away:

Next time you see a 50-year-old woman having a healthy-looking, spotless skin, don’t feel bad. These routine tips will help your skin look 20 years younger. Or if you’re already young, it will make you feel radiant. Follow the tips regularly. Just like you wouldn’t forget to give time to give time to your routine activities, don’t forget to give time to your skin.

Pamper your skin and it will make you fall in love with yourself. A well-taken care of skin is a happy skin! Follow the same routine despite the season. Wear light clothes in summers and avoid fabrics such as wool in winters if they irritate your skin.

Change your products if you believe they don’t suit you. However, give at least 3-4 weeks to your skin to adapt to a new routine. Don’t rush into bringing a major change in a less time because there is a party to attend next week. Remember, all good things take time.

Everybody has a different skin type. Consult a dermatologist to know what skincare products suit you. Don’t apply everything that comes in your way or you find it attractive. The good news is that you can use a reliable telemedicine platform to schedule an online appointment with your dermatologist.