Don’t Believe Everything They Say: 10 Sleep Myths That You Should Stop Believing Now


Some people just find it hard to sleep early and at the required amount of time, and because of this we like to give reasons for this problem. Sometimes we believe the right reasons (the ones backed by science), but there are times that we believe the myths that surround sleep.

In fact, there is a significant number of people who still believe these sleep myths that they almost become the truth. They are all around not only in the traditional mainstream media but also on the internet. You can see and hear these myths in the television, radio, and in various articles in the world wide web.

If you like to know about these myths about sleep and start to get disillusioned, you need to read this article.

Eight-Hour Block of Sleep is Good for Everybody

Eight hours of continuous sleep is conventional wisdom that people advised to improve your physical and mental well-being. However, recent studies about sleep suggest that eight-hour block of sleep may not be suitable for every type of sleepers.

It is because a person’s sleeping patterns may be different from another. In fact, you can find various types of people who have different sleeping patterns and habits. There are those who sleep for four 30-minute sleep per day, those who go for biphasic sleep, and those who sleep for Everyman sleep schedule.

Thus, it is important that you know the right amount of sleep for you to improve your physical and mental health.

Alcoholic Drinks Help You to Get a Sound Sleep

Drinking alcohol before sleep has been popular because of enticing popular movies and TV commercials. Due to this, some of us drink alcohol because we mistakenly believe that to get a better sleep you need to get drunk first. However, drinking alcohol before sleep can have a negative impact on your health.

For instance, if you drink alcoholic beverages before bedtime, there will be a huge possibility that it will interfere with your regular sleep cycle. In the long term, it will disturb your sleeping and, worse, it can hinder you to get a good night’s sleep.

There are also people who drink alcohol along with their sleeping pills. Medical experts will tell you never to do this because consuming alcoholic beverages along with sleep medication can lead to death. Alcohol can also have adverse effects on the muscles that lead to difficulty in breathing.

Sleeping Pills are Beneficial for Sleeping

Sleeping Pills are Beneficial for SleepingSleeping pills can indeed put you to sleep, but there are necessary doses that you need to follow to be safe. It is because too much sleeping pills can cause a fatal overdose.

Also, taking sleeping medication can have long-term negative effects on the brain. So make sure you are not going to make yourself dependent on sleeping pills.

Snoring is Not Harmful to Your Health

Yes, some people think that snoring is not a harmful thing. In fact, snoring is a common thing among 33 percent of adults across the US. But did you know that frequent snoring can be a sign of serious medical condition?

Medical experts take habitual snoring as a sign of a medical condition called obstructive sleep apnea. Also, people who snore every night may have serious ailments such as high blood pressure and heart diseases. For you to know your state of health, you need to have a check-up with a doctor.

Bringing Your Work in Bed Makes You Sleep

Many people consider bringing their office work into their bedroom because they say that it is the solution to their sleep difficulty. In their opinion, tiring yourself through your workload before bedtime can make you sleep easily.

Although this might work for some people, this pre-bedtime ritual can have serious adverse effects for others. Yes, this is just a case-to-case basis solution. Some people would take it, but their sleeping difficulty is still there.

It may be because they will think now of their bedroom as a makeshift office, and it can prevent them from getting their desired sleep.

Insomnia Revolves around Difficult in Sleeping

You heard it right: insomnia is not only about sleep difficulty because the truth is that it is a complex medical condition.

Insomnia has more than just one symptom. If you frequently wake up in your sleep, wake up too early without ample sleep, and wake up feeling tired, you are showing insomnia symptoms. For you to get proper medical attention, it is essential that you see a doctor.

Eating Cheese Before Sleep Gives You Nightmares

Eating Cheese Before Sleep Gives You NightmaresYou probably caught wind of this insane sleep myth: that munching cheese before sleep can make experience scary and crazy nightmares. This tale has been around for a long time now, and some people still cannot get enough of it.

Rumor has it that eating cheese is indeed true if you eat it while taking an antidepressant called Monoamine oxidase inhibitor. They said that consuming these two together is the reason behind this myth. However, science is yet to prove this suggested correlation between eating cheese and nightmares.

Being a Daytime Sleepy Head is a Sign of Sleep Deprivation

Not getting enough sleep at night can lead to sleepiness the next morning. But if sleepiness and daytime exhaustion become constant, there can be other causes besides lack of sleep.

You need to consider unhealthy diet, stress, and other health conditions to your problem of daytime fatigue. You should also need to consider your medications because they can also make you feel sleepy throughout the day.

REM is the Thing Behind Your Dreams

Rapid eye movement (REM) is a phenomenon that happens every time we sleep. According to Kleitman and Aserinsky, we can remember our dreams vividly right after waking up from REM sleep.

However, many people mistakenly consider REM as the cause of our nighttime dreams. The truth is that dreams do not only occur in our REM sleep. There is also what sleep experts called hypnagogic sleep where dreams can also occur. But, in general, the causes behind our dreams are yet to be fully understood.

A Soft Mattress is the Ideal Mattress for Every Sleeper

A Soft Mattress is the Ideal Mattress for Every SleeperFor someone, a soft mattress may be the ideal mattress for him, but it is not the same for everybody. It is because there is a particular mattress for a particular type of sleeper. You can, of course, choose from foam, innerspring, and latex mattresses to find your type of mattress.


Believing in an opinion without a scientific basis can do us more harm than good in the process. It is especially true when it comes to sleep myths. There is a lot of sleep myths out there that you should avoid to get your sleeping habit right. The list above will help in this endeavor.


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