One of the most classic makeup looks is a Smokey Eye look. It is kind of tricky and can definitely get messy but worth all the effort you put in. It has been in the heart of our fashion/makeup industry for a long time and not one season has gone past, without it!

To achieve the classic Smokey eye look, you’d need a good eyeshadow primer to make sure it doesn’t slip off during the day followed by a black shadow which obviously you can’t go without; if you ask me, go for a darker shade for the crease and a lighter one for the lid. With that, we cannot dare to forget the liner; you can either go for a dramatic wing liner or just a standard one. The final and my favorite step is mascara! Mascara will elevate the look accordingly, bringing all the attention to your eyes. To put the whole look together, you can either go for a nude lip or if you’re daring enough, go for a red pout, either way you’ll be turning heads; just make sure you take care of your teeth, though, for a red lip color does not really compliment discolored, yellow teeth.

Smokey Eye Makeup for 5 Different LooksThe eyeshadow look mentioned above can be used to create multiple different looks. I’m listing down five with my suggestions to make your life a little less stressful and a little more beautiful.

1. Everyday Look

Don’t be afraid to have a Smokey eye for a day to day look. Yes, this would mean a little extra time than usual, but it leads you to look like a solid 10/10. Using a classic smokey eye look could be a little intimidating so to make it more every day, use more earthy tones (Hint: Naked Heat Palate) on your lids and use a darker color, black maybe, as a transitional color. To make it more subtle you can go for a lighter base and a nude lip color or even a lip gloss would do the job. Our favorite lip gloss for the season is Fenty Gloss Bomb Luminizer.

2. Office Look

A Smokey eye would be perfect for a big shot meeting or conference you’re super stoked about. You can totally use a Smokey eye alongside your wide legged trousers and the cute blouse you’ve been dying to wear. A perfect way to match the smokey eye look is to go for more nude shades when it comes to your outfit to still maintain the subtlety during the day.

You can totally take your smokey eye inspiration from an actress turned Dutchess, Meghan Markle. Her eye looks were mostly on the smokier sides in Suits which complemented her outfits perfectly.

3. Wedding Look

With summer come a lot of summer weddings. It literally feels like every one marries summer. With multiple functions to attend, you need variety in your looks because well, who wants to look the same all the time?

A summer wedding gives you an opportunity to rock the most dramatic looks you’ve been watching on YouTube for far too long. Don’t be afraid to go all in! I say, go for a red lip for the rehearsal dinner with a dark kohl eyes with light Smokey and for the wedding day, go for a more dramatic eye look with a blushed nude lip. My suggestion for the red pout would be the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored and for the blushed nude, Huda Beauty has a wide range of nudes, Bombshell and Wifey to name a few.

4. Date Night Look

Rock a Smokey look on a date night. Is it a special someone you really want to impress or just your girlfriends going out for a drink? Either way, a smokey eye would be the most suitable look for the night. For a night look, you can go for darker eyes with kohl and maybe a winged liner, if you’re feeling it. To blend everything together, go for a dewy base (Hint: NARS Sheer Glow) with bronzer and tons of highlighter. You can never go wrong with Anastasia’s highlighters! To top it off, go for a browner lip shade or even a nude, whatever suits your style.

5. Brunch/Evening Look

Are you tired of your monotonous look? If yes, then I’m here to help! It can be a little daunting to go out on a brunch or drinks with the same look over and over again, it’s literally like repeating the same outfit for the 100th time or worst!

To spice things up a little, go for a Smokey eye for lunch or an evening hang out. It will give your face the pop of color it was missing and draw attention to your beautiful eyes who were craving it for a long time. For brunch, go for a more toned down Smokey with little less mascara and even omit the liner if you wish to. To give it a softer look, use an angled brush and a darker eyeshadow to line your eyes with it. This will give a pretty smoked outlook to your eyes. For your evening drinks, you can totally strut around the City in your classic Smokey eye.


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