Solution for sensitive skin

Have you tried applying a cream or powder, skin and slightly irritating that you keep your sure is very sensitive skin, vowed never again to “play” with cosmetics. The theory of skin sometimes right sometimes wrong. The radical idea has many fewer women are not disadvantaged.

Solution for sensitive skin Sensitive skin due to genetics?

Yes, there are about 12% of women fall into sensitive skin since birth. Indeed, they inherited this trait from grandmother or mother.

Only a doctor discovered sensitive skin?

Not true. You can check for yourself:

– Red rash when using strange cosmetics.

– Skin is red and pale white color change abnormally.

– When the wind, cold, baking sun skin reactions such as itching, burning red.

– Easy to dryness, peeling.

– Techniques that mirror the class label is small but there were plenty of oily deposits.

Depending on the typical number of disadvantages, you determine your skin sensitive level.

Skin sensitization equally dangerous?

Not true. There are 4 levels of skin sensitivity:

1. Negative reactions to alcohol and some foods such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, red meat, fish, apples, chocolate, sharp temperature difference. Skin rash, swelling.

Fix: Avoid eating in the list of “black list.”

2. Not like the wind, cold air, hot and slightly radiate from the air conditioner. Discomfort on the skin, irritation, tension.

Fix: Apply a layer of skin protection creams. In room air conditioning put water pots or long flowerpot.

3. Allergic to many kinds of soap, cleanser and makeup. Face rash, redness or itching.

The Fix: Limit use soap, wash your face with lotion for sensitive skin. Apply a layer lining for facial moisturizer.

4. Skin reactions before the menstrual cycle, appear few red spots

Fix: Ask your doctor about vitamin supplements needed.

Dysfunction protecting skin caused sensitive ?

Yes. There are 3 rounds and protects the skin layer packaging film of fat and sweat glands. If the three-guard barrier without completing this task will be skin bacteria and UV destruction, decreased strength and resistance.

Have secondary type hypersensitivity?

Yes, that is not from birth. From normal skin can become sensitive in the following cases:

– Abuse is not quality cosmetics, dead skin bleaching incorrect specifications.

– Erratic weather, regional climate changes from hot to cold or vice versa.

– Stress or using medicines have side effects to the skin in long time.

– Smoking habits, alcohol drinking and diet are not justified.

When only allergic skin rash or redness?

Not true. The philtrum region and the dark ring around the eyes would have reacted the first- red, itchy or lumpy. Not only the face and the other points were also attacked as elbows, ears, fingers interstitial … So, when you just try to apply cosmetics on one of the points above are known.

Sensitive skin needs more care?

Yes, should avoid drinks such as coffee, carbonated water, beer, specialty black tea, smoke. Use UV light cream, face masks when outside.

Sensitive skin need anti sunlight high level?

Not true. Should always use sun protection creams have less than 15 degrees SPE. Avoid using more than cosmetic cream day and night and cleanser .

Should choose the cream of vegetable oil and yogurt?

These are two enemies for sensitive skin. Even when the cream homemade to mask that you should avoid them.

Only a doctor to determine the cream for sensitive skin?

Wrong, You read ingredients listed on bottle label ice cream and find the right type for you.

Sensitive skin popular:

– Oil from cashew nuts, avocados, apricots, oats.

– Extract of cucumber, green tea to soothe the skin.

– Warm water (avoid hot and cold too).

– Vitamin E.

Sensitive skin does not tolerate:

– Extraction of lemon, orange, pineapple.

– Vitamin A.

– Mineral Oil: Vazelin, paraffin.

– Animal fat: lanolin.

– Alcohol, formaldehd.

– Coloring and flavoring ingredients.

Sensitive skin is not makeup?

Wrong thing to note when buying a product labeled “hypoallergen” not containing “no blur.” With a silicon foundation does not irritate the skin.

Avoid eye powder eye irritation. View period, regular washing and drying brush, sucking the skin reactions to anti-dust.


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