Unpleasant weather, environmental pollution … makes your skin dry and increasingly worse. To find effective solutions, safety for skin is essential.

Solutions care moisture for skin

Many women have misconceptions about care for the moist skin. Many of them think that just drinking water or spray water on the surface will help keep the moist skin. However, this only brings immediate comfort with no long term effects. Others think, care as much moisture as possible and subjective, thinking only skin dehydration in summer.

So to keep skin moist for the best, you answer three questions:

1. Causes skin to become dry and cause dehydration?

Environmental pollution, a lot of work in air-conditioned rooms, changing hormones, diets imbalance … are the main reasons causing skin dryness.

2. Why is skin care we should be moist?

Cells under the epidermis always need a certain amount of water to help smooth skin. However, each day, about 120g to 250g of water lost through the skin naturally through sweat, mucus glands and mechanisms other activities. That’s not to mention the external factors that we are exposed every day, such as temperature in office, sunshine … it makes a sudden change in temperature between the space inside and outside and your skin dehydrated very quickly.

The keeping humidity will help support the skin’s surface stability, as well as enhancing the ability to keep the skin’s natural moisture . As a result, new skin cells are produced continuously. This is one of the basic know-how to keep a beautiful skin, smooth.

A healthy skin will help protect the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals and toxins in the environment and weather. Dry cracked skin not only makes your appearance but also worsen the risk to the skin is very uncomfortable.

3. How to provide moisture to the skin?

In addition to providing the body a reasonable amount of water, full of vitamins and minerals through diet, skin still need support essences care moisture directly through the use moisture cream. However, the use of cosmetics often limited to some skin.

One way to support another full body moisture is to use the milk bath cream moisture content is high, helping to restore moisture, provide soft smooth skin look.

When bathing, the water penetrates inside the skin out. Evidence that if we soaked too long, skin on the body will become dehydrated wizen. Not to mention the shower with hot water, even help the body feel relaxed on the water surface of the skin causing the skin to evaporate quickly is becoming dry.

To overcome this situation, you just use a wet nursing of milk bath, body lotion is light. Powder not only helps clean sensitive nerve cells, make sense  but skin is always soft, not dehydration.

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