Some information safety treatment burnt skin


According to statistics, 40% of women over 30 years and 90% of women over 40 are burnt skin, brown spots. There are 66% women are burnt skin after having a baby. Clearly, this is the not small anxiety of many women.

Some information safety treatment burnt skin

Burnt skin, brown spots skin is not a disease but more to the aesthetic impact, making them lose confidence in communicating with friends, colleagues, especially with the opposite sex.

Many women have found these treatment burnt skin different as laser treatment, using chemical peel skin bleaching or use electromagnetic waves. However, the results do not satisfy many people, even they bear the dangerous side effects.

The use of bleaching chemical peel, abrasive easily cause skin allergies, causing skin lesions and skin condition more serious burnt skin. Meanwhile, using laser not only painful but can cause skin burns.

If you want to treat burnt skin, you need to understand the origin of this problem. The main cause of the burnt skin is due to sunlight. This agent stimulates the bottom layer of the epithelium (the cells which contain melanin factor) produces more melanin. They were pushed up by the skin surface and forming brown spots, burn skin.

The process to create burn skin began the formation of free radicals in the body under the action of sunlight. Therefore, to improve this situation, you need to add the exogenous antioxidant nutrients that the body can not synthesize.

According to research, procianidin, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium is the active ingredient capable against free radicals cause burnt skin. They distributed some food. However, with low content, and again easy “loss” in the production process so natural food daily can help treat burn skin.

Today, the use of members taking supplements, which contains active antioxidants considered refined solution of treatment burn skin, sun-burnt skin possible. Their effectiveness is much higher than the value treatment ago. Not only that, employees take additional time compact, convenient for you to carry.

Melasma treatment should be made two-way: from inside the body (food supplements) and external (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals). Formula of year, perfect tan is to use procyanidin coordinate with beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Procyanidin information extracted from sea shells France, active powerful antioxidant, more than 20 times the vitamin C and 50 times that of vitamin E. This component works repel radicals, protecting cells from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. It also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, inhibit the synthesis of melanin.

In addition, the antioxidants in this formula have an anti-aging effect, stimulating blood circulation process, and help pinky skin healthy. Many studies have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of procyanidin for users.

To achieve optimal performance of burn skin, you need a combination of measures to protect the skin when the sun, drink plenty of water and add vitamins food.


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