If you had to choose among all types of herbs can do beautiful for women that green tea is still a priority with many side skin, beautiful hair, eye bags waterproof, wrinkle reduction, anti-sunlight …
Some simple beauty from green tea

There are many ways to make beauty with tea, but not everyone knows. Here are a few remedies with tea passed from this life in some families of the Hanoi

Care skin:

Mix a tablespoon of rice flour with water thick tea mixture smooth and soft. In addition to an egg yolk and stir steadily. Get soft cotton
pad absorbent mixture and gently apply on the face. Hold for 15-20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

This mask is effective against aging, enhanced youthful looks and resilience to the skin.


Make a
warm pot of tea and then use gauze soaked in tea water apply to the skin in direct contact with sunlight as the face, neck, arms … will work to provide nutrients against the harmful effects of sunlight caused dull, damaged skin.

Clean dandruff:

Use a tablespoon of tea water mixed with a spoon of wine and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Apply this mixture on your scalp and keep for 2-3 hours, then rinse with warm water.

Perform 2-3 times per week will make better roots, crushed scale of dandruff and increases smooth and shining hair.
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