Some tips heel care in winter

You practice to have a standard figure, skin care, hair flowing to keep soft … but do not forget to cherish pink heels. Let you believe in yourself and charming.

Some tips heel care in winter
Weather seasons, the skin begins to dry and dehydrated. In particular, feet become rough and uncomfortable. To find looks pretty smooth for your feet together perform simple tasks below:

Care twice a week by soaking your feet in hot water phase legs a little vegetable oil and shampoo. Soak for 10-15 minutes, before rubbing your feet together (when rubbing feet are should pay attention to the heel). This is the time to relax your feet clean and nails and helps nails stronger and light.

Regular exercise for the legs. Curl your toes as you try to pick something with your toes instead of your hand. This way you should do 10 minutes a day will help the healthy leg and relieve foot pain .

Foot massage 2 weeks/time by rotating joints and foot massage to improve blood circulation, relaxes the muscles in the legs. Another way to improve blood circulation and reduce leg pain is soaking feet in warm water and cold. You need to prepare two pots of water, one containing about 20ml of warm water was added a little mustard oil and a bowl containing cold water. Then soak feet in warm water bath about 3-4 minutes and then transferred to soak in cold water basin. Perform about 5-7 times and then wipe feet with dry towel. If possible, you should apply moisturizer to the feet after they dry the skin retain moisture.

Sea salt

2 teaspoons sea salt dissolved in 2 liters of cold water to soak feet. You can use flat pebbles  to gently massage from knee to ankle and along the back of your foot to exfoliate and purify the toxins or rub his legs and toes together.

Salt water also softens the calluses feet and disinfected heels if traces of cracking. After 20 minutes, wipe dry and apply foot lotion.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains many vitamins and nutrients nourish the skin and soften your skin great. In the dry season, spread a thin layer of olive oil mask to the skin, incubated in 10-minute foot skin silky soft, smooth ball.


Mask honey moisturizes the skin leg perfectly. Honey mask helps to erase dead cell, cleaning and light skin. Spread a layer of honey on the skin on the feet, for about 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. Implemented once a week will give you a soft skin, rosy.

Vinegar and yogurt

A simple way is very high effective is that you give a little vinegar into the yogurt and mix them up. Rub this mixture on the feet, ankles, heels and soles of the feet, especially between the toes. For about 10 minutes then wash off with warm water. This will help rejuvenate the skin on the feet, removing dead cells and stimulating blood circulation.

If your regular care and hygiene and exercise for your feet regularly will help your pink heels become healthier and look better a lot.


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