Some tips help you have beautiful eyes

Eyes are the window is for the soul but also one part of the body that you or one of neglect. Or spend some time caring for the eyes bright and healthy beauty.

Some tips help you have beautiful eyes
Cover with cucumber is one of the ideal way relax eyes

There are three types of vitamins needed for your eyes:

– Vitamin A prevents the submission Chicken Night. It has a lot of carrots, fruit, dreams, turnip and dark green vegetables.
– Vitamin E helps reduce the risk of cataract. Vitamin E has many of almonds, sunflower seeds, grains and sweet potatoes.
– Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of glaucoma and degenerative gold points. Types of citrus and tomatoes contain lots of vitamin C. So be very good if you give your body a cup of lemon juice in the morning.

Some simple way to care for the eyes.

– Soak cotton pie in rose water. Then your eyes relax and put the cotton pie on the eyes a few minutes before sleep. We will create a clean and comfortable feeling to the eyes. In addition, most members can do with water and then with fabric roses, set up the eyes to measure eye aches.
– Provide nutrients to the eye by 5-6 almonds soaked in water overnight and then to. Next morning with raw peeled crushed black pepper or sugar to eat.
– Make use computers or use an LCD screen against more speakers for eyes. Keep a distance between arm length computer screen with the eyes. Height also appropriate to ensure that the neck and eye strain from being tired.

Some simple tips for better visibility

– Local foot ceilings in about 10 minutes on the wet dew on the grass every morning. Green plants and flowers to soothe the eyes.
– Splash cool water  to the eye about 5-7 times a day to wash away the pollutants in  the eyes.
– Use sunscreen glasses when out to protect eyes and prevent eye strain.
– Avoid dust and smoke environment. Keep car windows closed while driving
– For light source in the background while working to avoid eyestrain.
– Keep the appropriate level of light, not too dark nor too light. This helps avoid  tired eyes and keep your eyes more comfortable.



  1. Nutrition always affects your vision, however if you want to especially aid your vision vitamin a is the way to go, you can find it in carrots, broccolli and pumpkins for example.


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