Some Tips Select Foundation

The use of foundation is to create youthful skin when makeup and cover the defects such as scars, acne, making the color of skin becomes uniform … So have dozens of types of foundation, cream backgrounds as liquid, spray, cream or cake form … so you do not really know what type suits you.

Some Tips Select Foundation


You need to understand, foundation also works to protect the skin before the impact of the environment such as sun, wind … thanks for useful substances such as skin moisturizing ingredients, antibacterial substances, vitamin, substance filtered sunlight, nature protection and smooth skin. Thus, choosing quality foundation is the leading factor. A few suggestions may help you.

Foundation as cake: the pollen types commonly used by convenience but this category is usually in powder form pack suitable for oily skin.

Foundation form of ingots: pollen is able to grasp it is often use for the skin difficult to covered with different types of background as pock-marked, lumpy, rough skin … You need to have technical spread thin, if not likely too thick a layer, losing its natural beauty.

Foundation form liquid: for the form does not contain oil is the control of a significant amount of mucus, making skin soft and airy. With the dry skin oil that will have good moisture retention effect. Liquid foundation is super smooth, suitable for party makeup ceremony, the bride because the grip is very good but not too thick. When using liquid foundation, you can skip the middle step to use skin cream is not thick.

Creamy foundation: This type of pollen brought some benefits such as provides enough moisture to soothe dry skin and powder is perfect for normal skin thanks to good moisture retention properties and the ability to cover skin defects on the surface, bringing smoother after makeup. The artists have more makeup often choose this type of powder because it is capable good cover for skin. Use cotton or hand to try to spread cream evenly. Cover a thin layer to help prevent shiny skin, helps foundation stick longer. This type is often long gone it is suitable for the party as long or makeup to work.

Foundation spray: This type of pollen should cling very thin skin look very natural fit with the girls do not have time for makeup. When using sprays should be noted even hands.

In addition, the market has some kind of waterproof powder can use the picnic, swim … or mineral foundation for acne skin because the minerals help open holes hair root, less irritation when using it safely.

Some concern when using foundation:

If you have makeup throughout the day, you should choose to try products 2 in 1- just the foundation and cover (Dual Active Foundation). When you buy powder try your face and neck skin, do not try to hand as often bright pastel or darker color, same skin color is the best neck and shoulder.

You should makeup in light and natural light shines directly on you to avoid uneven powder. Do not powder too thick on 2 side of the nose mouth, corner of  because your mouth will cause white mold. Depending on which format foundation to use cotton powder or brush to its full effects of powder. If using cotton powder , should check the background layer is thin, strong strokes should not try and hit multiple layers of cotton on your face, because when the powerful press will damage the structure of powder.




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