When in doubt during training, squat!

The go-to work out for enhancing and shaping your ‘behind’ comes with some pretty strict rules on what is the right and wrong way to squat. Similarly, people often can’t figure out the most effective moves from the seven popular variations of doing the exercise.

If you want an upgrade on your results, and get a notch up on the fitness scale it is recommended that you add most of the squat exercise mentioned right here in your typical workout routine. The multiple versions of squats can help you get even more benefits.

Let’s explore what they are all about.

1. The Pistol Squat

This one is a bit tricky to master, but once you do it will be totally worth it. The way a pistol squat is done is that you have to extend your arms in front of you at shoulder length, get into the squat position and then lift one leg up extended out parallel to your arms.

Now you must crouch down to complete the squat. Remember, you have to slowly lower yourself, the goal is to get your bum to almost touching the ground. You will notice this when your extended leg is only a couple of inches from the ground. Don’t lose your balance, lift your body up again without the leg losing its extended stance.

2. The One Leg Pressure Squat

When you focus your squats on one leg, it helps you make your less dominant leg just as strong as the other. It’s also a great way to distribute stamina to the muscles when otherwise you wouldn’t notice which side of the body was working overtime and which side was weaker.

To start the squat, you need to extend your leg, bend your knee, till it no longer touches the floor. Locking yourself in this position, you must lower your body as much as you feel is comfortable for you. When you are done, you must repeat the exercise and switch from lowering the leg to lifting it between reps.

The first few times you do this you might require a chair for support.

3. The Sumo Squat

Like the name suggests the Sumo Squat is built on the stance of professional sumo wrestlers. However, you may have to forego the 12000 calorie diet that goes with it, just stick to the exercise.

This is an easy squat to understand but takes some energy and stamina to master. All you have to do is stand with your toes pointing outwards, then bend your knees and push your hips back. After this you must squat till the point your thighs align with your knees, you can then return to your previous standing position.

4. The Eagle Squat

The Eagle Squat is not an easy one. It starts with you placing your feet together and spreading out your arms in a T shaped position. You have to proceed with lifting your right leg on top of your left leg and wrap your right foot behind the other calf.

After this commence with bringing your right elbow under the left one and wrap your right hand around the left forearm, as you join your palms. After this brace yourself and find your balance so that you can squat as low as you can.

5. The Ninja Jumps

The ninja squat is a test of your strength and may seem a bit tricky at first. Start by kneeling on the ground, keep your arms bent by your side, and with your feet pressed flat on the floor. Proceed by engaging your quads, glutes, and hips and then jump back up to your feet; both feet should land in unison. Don’t lose your balance yet, land in a low squat to complete the exercise routine.

6. The Curtsy-like Squat

This squat looks like you are bending down to curtsy. The best thing about this curtsy is that it actually enhances your workout routine. You have to start with your feet set apart and your hips at a distance as well.

Next, you must place your hands next to your hips, then move one foot behind the other leg. You have to make sure that you are extending your foot as far as you can behind the leg, then squat slowly but make sure you don’t move your weight from your front leg. After this simply return to the position you began with so that you can repeat the exercise.

7. The Burpee Squat

The Burpee squat is a combination of your basic squats and burpees. If you are bored of either one, this is the best way to give your workout routine an exciting but equally effective twist.

Start by placing yourself in a crouching position, next place your knees right between your arms and keep them tucked under your chest. Next, jump in and out from your plank position. When you are jumping back in, make sure that you are landing on your feet flat on the ground and still in a low squat position.

And there you have it, the seven variations that can help you achieve the most from your squat routines. Squats strengthen the core, shape your butt and boost your stamina. It doesn’t matter if its leg day or not, you must always incorporate at least one or two versions of it into your regular exercise routine to stay fit.