The causes to damage of tooth enamel


Enamel is a layer of material can withstand more impact but highly vulnerable by many reasons.

How protect teeth enamel?

Enamel is a kind of physical effects like eggshells. It protects the soft part and parts can be damaged in the tooth.

But unlike the shell, a thinner layer of enamel and “flexibility” over. In fact, tooth enamel is hardly affected tissues in the body. It can “stand firm” made the task even chewing, biting and gnawing lasting tens of years, of course, must come with conditions is the enzyme that good and proper care.

What makes white teeth?

Enamel seem very white but  fact just under the enamel is dentine decide whiteness of teeth. Enamel is a layer of very hard material, in slightly.

Over time, coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and other compounds can be “dyed” color enamel, making it dull, yellow or gray.

From erosion of enamel on teeth to the holes

Although very hard, very firm but not mean can not destroy tooth enamel. Acids in food and bacteria can “gnaw” from enamel, causing erosion of tooth enamel and create the hole.

Enamel can be broken, cracked. And unlike bone, enamel can not replicate itself, it will be permanent damage.

Tooth decay and tooth sensitivity

What happens when teeth hurt? The layer beneath the enamel damage will quickly lead to cavities. The holes are not the only problem.

When teeth are damaged, that will become more sensitive to temperature “abnormal.” Such as ice cream or drink cup of hot coffee can cause intense pain, discomfort.

How bacteria destroy teeth ?

After eating, some types of bacteria in the mouth “open party” enjoy sugars from sweet foods and starches. The process of “festival” this will create acids cause tooth damage enamel .

Acid in soda, fruit juices and drinks are also harmful, and even some types also destroy tooth enamel more powerful than battery acid.

Over time, these acids can cause tooth enamel erosion, as “shrink” the size of the teeth.

Specialist wine tasting with the highest risk

Why? That is because the sip of wine several times a day and rinse your mouth will increase the exposure of the acid with enamel.

That is the reason why drinking alcohol, soda or sweet tea with meals instead of sipping it every hour.

Issues related to gastrointestinal disorders

Diseases caused by vomiting or stomach acid reflux can cause damage to tooth enamel.

When stomach acid reflux mouth, it can destroy the enamel. These diseases often cause vomiting, other gastrointestinal problems leading to eating disorders can also cause similar damage to teeth.

Problems with dry mouth

If dry mouth, due to side effects of medication or disease, the acid will “attachment” mouth to stay longer and cause enamel erosion.

The only treatment is to add minerals to promote healthy teeth.

Disability teeth grinding

Another cause damage tooth enamel as teeth grinding sleep.

Over time, the state tightened and will not stop collisions erode tooth enamel.

Teeth grinding sleep disability is one of the faults can not control. So the best way to reduce stress. If you can not sleep wear protection function.

The mouth is not the bottle openers

Your mom was right: never open the bottle, open the box or any kind with teeth. This type of behavior can be broken or cracked tooth enamel.

Habit gnaw pen or chew your nails or get seeds … also cause similar effects.

Children and enamel erosion status

Many experts believe the condition of enamel erosion is increasing, especially in children. Why? According to some experts, it is because the child plenty of beverages containing acids and soda.

The drink not from tap water (bottled water) is usually less of a fluor protection and therefore it is also one of the causes increased tooth enamel erosion status.

Tips to prevent erosion of enamel

There are simple ways to reduce enamel erosion. It’s teeth after eating or drinking. Use a soft brush and toothpaste fluor.

You can also drink a little milk or eat cheese after a meal to help neutralize the acid.

Finally, chewing gum containing xylitol sugar after meals also helps to increase saliva.


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