The great benefit skin from the cocoa


With high UV resistance with valuable nutrients to skin smooth, cocoa is increasingly being used much at the spa.

The great benefit skin from the cocoa

Skin care benefits

Cocoa or dark chocolate not only tastes delicious and seductive fragrance is often used in cakes, but it also is a valuable medicine from nature for your skin. The study showed that, only with 1.5 ounce cocoa (approximately 84g) were up to 13,396 ORAC units. ORAC is a measure only of anti-aging and protect skin against environmental impacts. Antioxidant amount of Cocoa than berry – a fruit used to be regarded as a magic medicine for skin and body.

More and more cosmetic companies from large to small cocoa used in their products the most advanced skin care. This is enough to see great use of cocoa is real. The researchers said that cocoa works to prevent and restore clear skin aging.

For women aged 25-30, cocoa mask regularly extends skin’s youth. For women over 30, cacao help restore the elasticity of the skin, fade wrinkles, smooth skin. With pure flavonoids, cocoa helps protect collagen from breakdown by the pollution of the environment.

Cocoa and dark chocolate not only aging but also very soft skin as smooth as baby skin, you will feel it clear when cocoa mask pure (50-70%) about 1-2 times. If you prefer, you can also use cocoa to remove the cytoplasm, then you do not need to use more moisturizer.

What method choose cocoa ?

Cocoa itself is a valuable nutrient from nature, used correctly and choose the right kind of cocoa powder will produce results satisfactory care for your skin. Cocoa is the best kind of raw cacao, not mixed with milk, white chocolate, sugar. Usually the type of cocoa are now more or less containing added flavoring to vanilla but it’s best to find bitter powder no vanilla .

How cocoa mask is very simple, you can mix olive oil or honey.

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