The girls with oily skin still there are countless ways to rescue your skin is not white with a natural mask, simple and efficient below. With some food available, you make a mask homemade white and bright your skin gradually. We also significantly reduced the amount of oil on the skin. The combination of simple mask will bring two great effect for people with oily skin. Just you spend less time and assiduous work done, your skin will result as if you were in a beauty spa.

What you need

* Liquidizer or food processor machines
* Cucumbers
* Aloe Leaf
* Lemon
* Honey
* Whole milk, yogurt, egg whites

Step 1

The masks say goodbye for oily skin and whiten skin naturallyCut half a cucumber and  keep the green shell is to the outside of them. Then, cut half cucumber into thin round slices.

Continue to the cucumber slices into the liquidizer. Apply cucumber juice helps to add vitamin A, C and antioxidants to the skin. It also helps to light and bleaching will reduce the itching of the skin or skin irritation, inflammation.

Step 2

Squeeze about 2 tablespoons of aloe leaf juice and add to liquidizer . Then, apply aloe vera juice to our skin and absorbed into the skin until dry, then rinse with warm water.

Aloe vera juice containing antimicrobial properties, minerals, amino acids, enzymes very beneficial for skin whitening and beat skin oil.

Step 3

Slice for about a half a lemon. Pour lemon juice combined with other ingredients such as cornmeal. Lemon juice also helps to lighten the skin, antifungal and provides vitamin C, reducing scar tissue significantly.

Step 4

For 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey and you can be added with some other custom food stir and apply it on face. Honey is antiseptic and soothing. They also contain hydrogen peroxide naturally promote skin whitening effect.

The masks say goodbye for oily skin and whiten skin naturallyStep 5

Pour about 1 tablespoon of whole milk or yogurt or an egg white into the mixture to form a viscous patch.

Apply this mixture on your face will help add protein and helps remove dead skin cells gently help your skin brighter whites.


– You can add other components besides the basic components required in the aforementioned mask as adding strawberries and oatmeal.

– Accordingly, you should adjust the number of components to ensure they are sufficient to mask without too much excess to be stored in the refrigerator. Moreover, the mask only allows time stored in the refrigerator no more than 24 hours can be damaged.

– Apply sunscreen often if you use the mask every day because citric acid may cause increased sensitivity of skin under the action of sunlight.

– You should check all those ugly skin on your face correctly before the mask on, especially if you have too sensitive skin or are allergic to the ingredients in the mask.


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