While looking at the woman’s face, expressive eyes are perhaps the first thing gazed by the people. A wide range of decorative cosmetics enables girls and aging females to “decorate” their eyes to look attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. Therefore, eyeshadow is an integral part of the cosmetics of modern women.

As a matter of fact, beautiful eye makeup depends not only well-chosen shadows but also on the professional technique of application. There are many girls who consider that professional eye makeup is a complex process and can be done only by expert makeup artists. All females are not financially strong and they look for tricks to create a seductive look without much effort and special skills. Are you also among them? If yes, then see some eyeshadow hacks (mentioned below) that will help you to glamorize your eyes and catch the attention of your male partner easily and quickly.

1. Know Your Eye Shape At First 

Know Your Eye Shape At First 

There are different types of eyes, such as almond-shaped, oriental, deeply planted, convex, with an impending eyelid, Asian with lowered outer corners, large, small, etc. There is a special technique of applying shadows for each eye type. So, you must determine what is the shape of your eyes. This will help you to choose an appropriate technique of shading of shadows easily and quickly. 

2. Use Different Cosmetics

Use Different CosmeticsThere are different types of eyeshadows. All of them have certain advantages/disadvantages. Do your research in consultation with an expert beautician and choose a particular eyeshadow for use. For example- if you use one color for shadows, then cream shadows are the best option you should go for. Friable shadows are strongly pigmented, but it is not easy to use them. Pressed shadows have different colors and are easy to use. They easily get mixed with other shadows. 

3. Never Ignore The Importance of Basic Makeup 

Never Ignore The Importance of Basic Makeup If you want to continue your makeup all day long, never underestimate the importance of the base, which is applied to the eyelid before applying the shadows. In this case, the makeup will look more saturated. 

4. White Pencil Increases The Color Of All Shadows

White Pencil Increases The Color Of All ShadowsYou can use a white pencil on the eyelid to make the color of the shadows brighter. Just shade slightly and apply the desired color to shadows. Just Conduct an experiment:- Apply a shadow on one eye and on the other eye – a white pencil and shadows. You will see a huge difference between these two.

5. Black Eye Pencil

Black Eye PencilYou can also use a black eye pencil to increase the vibrancy of eyeshadows. You need to apply it as a base to have darker and sultry eyeshadows. It is because pale eyeshadows will change the color once it is applied on a darker base. Purple, blue, bronze, maroon, red, and green eyeshadow colors work very well with black eye pencil base.

6. Wet Your Eyeshadow Brush Properly

Wet Your Eyeshadow Brush ProperlyIn order to make your eyeshadows more appealing and brighter, just wet the eyeshadow brush with a makeup setting spray or water. Once you complete this action, pat the eyeshadow brush slowly over a clean tissue to abolish the excess amount of water. You should not wet the brush abundantly with water because your eyeshadows will run away from your eyelids. Make sure that the brush is slightly damp to grab the product. Just pat on your eyelid. Soon, you will see brighter and intense pigmentation.

7. Layering 

Layering This is a very simple trick to make your eyeshadows look gorgeous and appealing. You just need to layer your eyeshadows 2 times quickly. After sometimes, your eyeshadows start to look vibrant and brighter. 

8. Keep Your Eyes Open If You Have Hanging Eyelids 

Keep Your Eyes Open If You Have Hanging EyelidsWith open eyes, you can easily and accurately emphasize the fold of the upper eyelid. There are many females (with impending eyelids) do makeup with the closed eyes. It is a huge which should be avoided at all costs as it demonstrates all the flaws of your eyes.

9. Prevent Shattered Shadows

Prevent Shattered ShadowsYou must always keep in mind that the shadows do fall on the upper part of the cheek and cheekbone. So, you must apply the foundation only after eye-makeup. By using the following methods, you can easily do away with shattered shadows:

  • Use scotch to clean all the “extra” shadows under the eyes,
  • Use loose powder before applying the shadows to your eyes. Once the makeup is done, remove additional shadows by using a powder brush and
  • You can also use a huge assortment of products or special adhesive stickers for this purpose.

Final Words:

All ladies want to make their eyes look appealing and charming. By using the above-mentioned Makeup Tips, you can easily make your eyes a center of attraction for others and for the opposite sex.