The secret beauty from olive oil

Olive oil is kind of fat as oil extracted from olive trees left of the Oliva Eurapea first discovered in the Mediterranean – where is has revealed to the world about  preserve privacy and care beauty of olive oil.

Olive oil bring works from outside to inside and contrariety , to help restore and protect the skin, hair, hope and all your heart.

The secret beauty from olive oil

Refined olive  is made very rigid process to create a solution that should be used for many cosmetic products, shampoos, moisturizing products. With the aim to the health of consumers, olive- always preserved the purity and the highest level is not yet completely any component or artificial additives do, so, olive oil help you robust than in the time outside.

By maintaining humidity balance, cosmetics containing olive oil composition effect should nourish the skin, quickly osmotic deep inside the skin and smoothing the skin’s dry. Foster positive uses of this special relevance with sensitive skin, skin rash appears the pitch, they swim infected eczema, so and skin irritation.

Products soap and shampoos containing olive oils purity and pure elements especially likely to maintain high humidity and nutrients your skin as well as hair, to protect them from the impact of stress, influence from the diet, environment pollution, drugs and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Olive oil can compensate volume and humidity have lost self-elastic memory components rich in vitamin E and credit quality are strong in their antioxidant, so strawberry olive help recover and maintain the benefits of this one how powerful and long-term. Besides, strawberry olive also help restore and maintain the fitness level of skin and hair, give you the beauty and youthful net long-term.

Hair care products containing olive oil composition efficiency in the exceptional value effect in treatment dandruff. Olive oil as pure olive contest bring higher efficiency. Oliveoil reduced accumulation of work from artificial elements contained in the hair care products and other contaminants environment – but quality makes hair become dry,crunchy and goat shed, break.

Products shampoo, strawberry hall and specialty products for hair treatment containing olive oil composition works deep in the adjustment and keep warm for hair and scalp, bring strong natural beauty bee A for each lock.

Foods or mon more olive oil composition effect limited status wrinkles and other signs of aging, increase elasticity of skin and help restore damaged skin. Olive oil  when rub skin that can protect the skin from the impact of harmful factors from the external environment. Strawberry olive effect slowing the aging process of skin and your entire body in general.

2 tablespoons oliveoil use regular day can help better prevent and treat some diseases. Olive oil contains less saturated fatty acids, this type of fat effect prevention atherosclerosis and therefore, no room to help those related to cardiovascular disease.
Olive oil anti-inflammatory effect, reduce arthritis, digestive help work become easier and limit the risk to the cancer. Olive oil can combine olive oil ca to maximize anti-inflammatory effect. Olive oil contains omega 9, in the meantime, fish oil contains omega 3, both have two elements present a very good anti-inflammatory effect.

The last thing is, many heavy laborers or athletes that stand for: strawberry olive effect of development effectiveness.

Beauty with olive oil

Hair care: Use olive oils to remove all hair and scalp. To oil seepage during 15-30 minutes. Olive oil will quickly give hair the necessary nutrients, cleaning bucket, nourishing hair from root to crest hair very healthy development. A different formula to care for hair with olive oil and 1 teaspoon olive oil soup, a chicken egg whites, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a bit of beer. Mix well and rub mixture on to the hair. To the mixture for 5 minutes and then soaked in cold water clean shampoo.

Skin care: If the skin has many stain, sun-burnt or freckles. Use a gauze embedded in 30% Hydrogen peroxide concentration. Put gauze on the skin for 3 minutes then take it out and rub olive oil on. The darker the skin color will fade away after a short time.

Each week, you can mask skin care by the following formula: a potato cooked boiled mashed, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 egg white chickens. Stir the mixture, apply throughout the neck, shoulders. For about 10-15 minutes and wash. This mask works fine white skin.

To keep the skin moist and smooth, you mix half cup of olive oil, with a quarter cup vinegar, 1 / 4 cup water. Rub mixture into each evening.

Olive oil also particularly suitable for bleaching to dry skin. First, using absorbent cotton piece clean as wet skin. Then, gently rub olive oil for massage. You can also heat 3 soup spoons olive oil. Waiting warmth oil, apply on dry skin areas, for 20-30 minutes and wash with cold water.

Care for hands, feet: Soak hands and feet in warm water mixed with olive oil about 10 minutes to relax the body and helps ensure healthy nails. When bathing, you give a few drops of olive oil to warm bath water to soothe the dry skin lumpy

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