The secret to long eyelashes, thick and beautiful


Long and thick eyelashes make eyes more beautiful. That is why you pay attention and care to keep eyes always have long lashes, thick and curved.

The secret to long eyelashes, thick and beautiful
Some helpful tips below will help your lashes are beautiful and attract all eyes look.

Do not brush too much mascara regularly in a day is important that you first need to pay attention . Every day before going to bed, you can support eyelashes by stroked dry mascara , olive oil and castor oil on eyelashes (do not  these substances into the eye).

Frequent use of eye drops containing antimony will help your lashes long and the eyes become more bright. This is one of the best quality can wash dirt and curb in tears.

When makeup for eye , you should use the natural materials, such as a mixture of olive oil, almond oil and castor oil. You should not scrub too hard eyes, as this will make eyelashes fall out easily.

Before the stroke mascara for eyelashes, use eyelash curling device in a medium to help your eyes look big and bright over.

When stroked mascara to upper and lower lashes, you should have stroked lashes with a thick layer of mascara, mascara after the first layer dry, then you can add second layers mascara.

Do not push the mascara  brush into the tube containing liquid stroked eyelashes too strong . That will make the air easily enter, making mascara dry quickly and infections. In addition, you also should not share mascara with others to prevent the spread of eye disease.

The secret to long eyelashes, thick and beautifulIf mascara cause irritation and watery eyes, then you have to stop using them immediately to prevent eye allergies.

To look more attractive eyelashes instead of artificial eyelashes (especially for upper lashes ), you can use a thin brush pen eye liner and black eye liner powder to fill in the gaps between eyelashes . This approach will make your lashes look much thicker.

Use a waterproof mascara on the lashes to stay all day or for long periods as possible (especially in summer). You can choose the appropriate color mascara with their eyes, for example if you have dark eyes should use black mascara. Conversely, you can use blue mascara for eye color hazel or green eyes to look more attractive.


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