How to treat acne from the flowers

In numerous species of flowers, there are flowers not only bring beauty to the bewitching charm but it is useful to treat disease and skin care. We would share the secrets of some types of flowers will be used very effectively treat acne.

The secrets treat acne from the flowers

Rose is Chinese also known as laurel flowering , and its scientific name is Rosa Odonata sweet. Roses are used as drugs to treat pimples, melt and dissipate blood from swollen, reject poison… Usage is simple: pound petals of rose and chopped up the body up pimples, inflammation …

Also you can use about 100 grams of fresh rose petals, 500 ml alcohol (foods alcohol ), alcohol use glass jars and containers for soaking in rose petals on him, soaking up 3 days can be used . Each use any proportion: a liquid mixed with alcohol soaked rose three parts water.

Use cotton or gauze soaked in the solution, squeeze dry, then rub lightly over the skin surface. When cotton is dirty, then place another piece, made to clean the skin surface (note not to commission alcohol solution in eyes.) Days once in the evening, before bedtime. With such methods do not clean the dust on the surface of the skin and mucus secretion, but also proven bran acne treatment .

The secrets treat acne from the flowers
Can be used as cooking with tea drinks such as water, or excellent drink to cure a headache, vertigo, dizziness, eye pain, hypertension, fever. Every day can be used 10 – 16g, as a decoction, can soak drinking alcohol, or pound up pimples.

Hibiscus flowers

Use the crushed leaves and flowers mixed with salt covering up pimples will help reduce pain and rapidly break pus.


Lavender essential oil is a circulatory stimulant and it is also a disinfectant. It is often used to treat wounds and burns. In addition, it can also be used to prevent scarring.

You can use lavender oil to treat acne by placing a small amount of lavender oil on the acne with a cotton swab.


30g violet petals in 1 liter of boiling water for 10 minutes. After boiling water, use a half to make drinking water. A condensed section is used to illuminate the face every day.


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