The Top 5 Supplements for Brain Enhancements


The brain is a very complex organ in our nervous system, and it controls pretty much everything we do in our day-to-day lives. With brain supplements we can also feed our brains and gain a better control of the more negative things that our brain faces.

brain-foods - The Top 5 Supplements for Brain Enhancements

When we speak of negative things we are talking about brain supplements helping to combat or reduce the likes of mental decline, depression, anxiety and dementia, but also helping to improve our memory, mood, focus and clarity.

It may seem like magic that a supplement can do this to our brain but it’s been proven time and time again that the right supplements can help now and in the future. So, what are the best supplements on the market at the moment to aid brain enhancements?


If you haven’t heard of these before then these are possibly one of the best brain enhancers you are likely to stumble across. Known as the Smart Drug, these wonder supplements will enhance your memory, and improve your mental abilities. You will find that taking PeakNootropics supplements will help with the ability to focus, motivate yourself and experience a happier mood.
Usually these were prescription only because of the power of the drug, but nowadays certain nootropics can be purchased by the savvy shopper who knows where to get them.

Vitamin D

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about how good this vitamin is or hormone as it’s rightly called, and by adding it to your diet it can help lift your mood and reduce the levels of depression. Not only that but it can help you with improved memory and problem solving abilities.
Believe it or not between 40 and 90% of adults are Vitamin D deficient, making that some 1 billion in the world. With it other benefits such as osteoporosis and life-threatening hip fractures could be avoided as it helps build up strong bones.

Vitamin B-12

The third supplement you may want to look at comes in the form of B12 and is usually geared towards those that find remembering something more difficult than it once was a brain fog or cloud if you will. Although B-12 is targeted at the older generation it is a great vitamin for those that do find absorbing information hard, no matter what age.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These are found in many healthy food choices so if you are a big lover of fish then the chances are you are getting a good level of this supplement in your diet. Those that aren’t however should think about taking a supplement tablet as they are classed as the building blocks of the brain. A lack of Omega 3 means brain and nervous systems may not be functioning in full gear, so to combat this seed oils, wild salmon and other sources of DHA will help your brain out.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

If brain development is what you are really looking for then our final brain supplement will offer you plenty of benefits. The Alpha GPC supplement is vital to the development of a healthy brain and crosses the blood-brain barrier much better than other alternative brain developmentnutrients such as choline. Alpha GPC is widely used on sufferers of Alzheimer’s in a treatment that helps them regain memory and enhance cognition.

Memory and learning capabilities are doubled with this supplement, so this definitely a big hitter for brain supplements.


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