Things you should know before you want to lose weight

You have sworn to give up the dessert and speed at the gym, but your body refuses to budge. Probably you are suffering one of the most common mistakes when implementing the diet. Refer to the following reasons for dieting may be effective.

Do not skip breakfast

Things you should know before you want to lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight by skipping breakfast, you should think again. Because when you skip breakfast, according to your logic will result in eating more meals later in the day. You’re making the body lose balance by increased appetite and snacks food are not healthy because the body is starving. Please start your metabolism by eating a balanced diet is the first thing you should do in the morning.

Do not run the latest diet

An interesting diet to help you lose weight is not easy and requires some time for it to take effect. If you want to get results quickly or immediately, you should not apply in the diet. Or still apply  this diet diet jump to another is not good for your body and does not get you clean your body as you wish. Be patient with a diet fit your body best.

Eat a little before exercise

Things you should know before you want to lose weight

Exercise while the stomach is empty self-harming your body. We need to load enough fuel for the body before implementing the activities of the body. You are not eating will reduce your ability to exercise and you will not be able to maintain the intensity of exercise needed to lose weight. Insert the full amount of calories needed before exercise about 1 hour to exercise more enthusiasm then, you should not eat it too to be comfortable practicing.

Need to eat snacks after exercise

Aim to eat a small meal of complex carbohydrates and protein within one hour after exercise to help your body speed up the metabolic process and support the repair of your muscles during exercise program.

Do not cut all the fat

Things you should know before you want to lose weightAvocados contain good fats for your body, you should always eat it

Fat is essential for our health. Although you should limit consumption of saturated fats and trans fat because it affects your heart. But you should not avoid all fat in your diet. Eat the fat, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated alternative vegetation fat , saturated fat and trans fat.

To load enough calories needed for body

Make sure you’re eating enough fuel for your activities. If not, your body will start to disorder and slow your metabolism, lean it, even make weight loss more difficult. Very simple, you eat more vegetables and fruits to the abdomen without weight gain is saturated.

Need to drink enough water

The drinking water is important for your body and weight loss. If you’re looking to lose weight and exercise time, bring your water bottle and make sure you’ve taken before, during and after your exercise.


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