Tip your way to more sensual lips Valentine season


Avoid licking lips , moisturizing regularly , using lemon , honey … Good habits are overcome less rosy lips .

1 . No smoking

Smoking not only causes bad breath is foul , but the main reason that your lips are dull and less bright . Quitting smoking will somewhat limited ravenous .

2 . Use honey

Just dab honey on the lips before bed , and kept overnight for vitamin nutrients in honey gradually seep into the environment , you will have rosy lips , with conditions persist in the long time . Also, you can mix honey with sugar and gently brush lips to exfoliate , reduce dry cracked , blackened .

Tip your way to more sensual lips Valentine season

3 . Using a mixture of yogurt and lemon juice

A mixture of fresh lemon juice and yogurt to moisturize and bring you a fresh rosy lips . You can also use lemon juice without lemon yogurt because of all the necessary components to help stretch your lips soft and rosy .

4 . Moisturisers

Take a lip moisturizer all year round , do not wait for winter before nursing . This is a simple way to overcome the parched lips , dark . Should choose a moisturizer or lip balm with natural ingredients like essential oils aloe vera , honey , almond oil , beeswax , Vaseline , butter oil, olive oil , vitamin C , vitamin A …

5 . Massage lips

Create the habit after a bath , use a lint free cloth to rub the lips . This will remove dead cells and make your lips softer and fresher .

Besides, you try to use a toothbrush , soft bristle types of massage lips by gently rotating the environment . This action to remove dead skin , helps lips look plump and pink becomes natural . In addition, you can also massage lips with Vaseline twice a day to increase blood circulation in the lip , lip to help reduce deficit

6 . Use ice

Just use small stones rolling all over lips looked pink light effects help the natural environment , both moisturizing and softening the skin around the lips . This method is particularly useful if done on dry winter days .

7 . Use beet juice, pomegranate and coriander

Beet juice , pomegranate juice or coriander juice works to reduce bruising and adjustment of lip pigmentation . You just dab on the lips one of these juices to help the environment than light and shadow .

8 . Use lipstick properly

What kind of lipstick contain lead will make your lips go deep . In addition, the lipstick to the lips without initial nursing class also cause this condition . Therefore, when buying lipstick , you should be tested for lead by the lip , lip to the back of his hand and then used gold jewelry rubbing .

If that part turns black lip gloss that they contain lead . The higher the lead content, the more black . If your environment is inherently pinky should not use this gloss . Before the lipstick , you should apply the nursing class or type foundation , loose powder also helps protect lips blackened lips to avoid .

9 . Adjustment of diet

Invited to be a sign you are deficient in vitamin B. Therefore , add foods rich in vitamin B , such as wheat flour , gram flour , chicken , mushrooms , corn , eggs , fish , almonds , watercress , pickled cabbage , fresh milk , milk powder , milk yogurt , soy milk .


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