Tips to buy kurtis, what and what not to do


When buying any clothes, we have all experienced that moment where a garment is observed and it looks absolutely beautiful displayed on a mannequin or even just by hanging there. But as soon as you fit the attire or garment, it just does not seem like the same piece of clothing you saw minutes ago.

Tips to buy kurtis, what and what not to doNow, when buying clothing online, choosing that perfect garment that compliments you, may not be as easy as when you actually have it in front of you. This is no different when buying a kurta online, especially with the wide variety of kurtis design online.

As with any other piece of clothing, buying a kurti, whether online or in a store, also requires you to look at yourself and understand your body. This not only assists you to accentuate your positive features, but could also enhance your beauty.

Buying a kurti online, there are important aspects that should be taken into consideration, no matter how pretty that kurti looks on your computer screen. These are merely tips to buy kurtis online, but emphasis should first and foremost start with you being honest with yourself about your body and what you would like to emphasise with the kurti. Thus, your body, its shape and your positive features are your first step towards finding that perfect kurti. Next, would be the reason for wanting to buy the kurti, since occasion is a major determining factor. Additional to this, colour, design, detail and even neckline all also play a vital role, as these are all used to enhance your features as well as beauty.

If you are not sure as to which type of kurti is exactly meant for your body shape, the first step would be to determin the shape of your body. Body shapes vary greatly, however can be generalised under apple shaped, pear shaped, banana shaped, inverted triangular shape and the well-known hour glass shaped figure.

The colour of this Indian attire would be your next big step. The reason for saying this, is the fact that the colour of your kurti have the ability to have a dulling effect on your skin tone or it may enhance natural skin tones. Enhanced skin tones are known to accentuate natural beauty. So, do choose the color carefully.

Last, but not less important, is the detail work on the kurti. The effect that the detail has could be either very positive or it may highlight the wrong features. It is suggested that when detail such as prints and embroidery are considered, you should revert back to your body shape. Thus, the bigger the figure, the smaller the detail. Why? Well, it is quite simple. It works on the similar principle used when considering stripes in your garments.

Today, kurtis comes in various designs, lengths and detailing and even though an Indian ethnic garment, woman the world over can relate to the beauty and simplicity that these garments bring


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