Tips for beautiful nails long time

These are the nails neatly trimmed and may be a dotted pattern will help you to skillfully help woman easy confidence and demonstrate concern for others. However, sometimes due to fear of damaging the pretty nails, woman proved hesitate in dealing with work life. The following tips may just help you make all the confidence in everyday life, and still be assured that your nails are still pretty long.

Tips for beautiful nails long time

First, note from the preparation for the foundation before decorating. Make sure your nails are ready to completely coat a sample of new pattern, meaning cleanse old patterns, textures, or nail varnish of times before and all types of detergent should be cleaned completely. Nails are clean hygiene that will help the paint stick nails long and more durable. Use a small probe gently wrestling to take away layers of dead skin cells around the nail contours foot (if this layer of cells do not clean, they will cause the polish quickly and scraping the peeling.) And finally, please coated with a primer paint on the nails before the nail color.

Next, pay attention to the technical polish. Since the primer step, you must make sure that the paint should be completely dry before the next layer of paint (usually takes about 10 minutes to a nail varnish was completely dry.) Be patient to scan each layer of paint thinner and finer until the nails are colored, not peeling, it will be good for nails rather than scanning a thick layer of paint for a single. Scan each paint thinner will also limit the bubbles appear as paint, nails help smooth over the surface. In the process of nail, you can also perform some steps nail care  help nail stronger. After the painting is finished, complete with the coating for nail varnish, paint this helps paint more durable and impact and help protect nails more shiny nails.

After completing the nail, always remember to use gloves when doing the job in hand and protect the family as well as nails in the harsh climatic conditions. Do not use nails as a versatile tool to remove paper-clip or prize up something … Remember to seven cleaning polish every 6 months / 1 time to paint a fresh coat of paint is always beautiful and healthy nails.


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