When bikini or floral skirt stroll beach, your legs is attention the most. So, in addition to preparing a nice bikini, note your feet care.

Some tips to get beautiful legs for sea season

Clean hair pins

Waxing is the most popular method today to get the feet clean, smooth. Every time you have a chance to go to the beach, you should also clean the legs to hairy legs look better.

This waxing method is very simple and gentle, painless. If problems in the salon, you can make at home with simple steps:

Use wax to gently rub the skin with hairy legs, then use a clean cloth (no elasticity) have sufficient size to cover up the skin just apply wax.

After about 5 minutes (enough time to stick to the wax cloth), finger swipe up cloth, hairs will now break root and stick on cloth. If thick hair, you can do leg hair 2 times to clean thoroughly. However, each must perform from 15 to 30 minutes apart to avoid skin burning wax.

Shave your legs is quick solution when you want to clean feet. However, this is not a permanent solution because if you shave regularly, hair will grow faster and harder.

Before shaving, cleansing lotion for skin and soft skin. Product can be used by men shaving cream to lather before shaving to help soft bristles, easy to walk over.

Use the razor glides over the skin. If hard and long hair, avoid shaving against the hair direction, as will be more likely to cause skin damage.


When shaving or waxing, you will avoid hurting the skin such as acne, scratches .

Helps smooth skin legs

After waxing clean pores will now expand . Some people have sensitive skin rash may be in a few hours time. So, prepare a special type of skin lotion for your feet.

Immediately after the wax, use gentle lotion to legs. Can light massage to help circulation and soothe skin.

In the evening, you can soak the feet in green tea for healthier feet.

Each day, should use skin lotion to help the smooth skin legs. In no time at sea, you should avoid wearing shorts when the sun. Or if worn, should use sunscreen to get the white skin when wearing a bikini.

Some skin areas like heels, knees, buttocks calluses usually due to friction, exposed when sitting, walking shoes, lean legs on tables, chair … To help the skin look smoother, while bath, use gloves, mesh or sponge lightly scrub to remove dead skin away. Each day should take a bath and 1 times in 1 week regularly, the skin will be significantly improved.

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