Summer is a time when you hear a lot of people complaining about their hair. So, here we are sharing some handy tips which can help you go past this season to get silky smooth hair. Recently, we spoke to one of the best hair experts of our time – Justin Bounds, and he shared his experience with us on how to keep your hair healthy and strong during the summer. These are the following tips to have in mind to get amazing hair even in the summer heat:

1. Do not wash your hair time after time

    1. Washing your hair multiple times a day removes the necessary oils from your scalp, which in result in your hair getting dry and frizzy. In this way, you will feel the need to wash your hair even more often. This cycle will go on and on. Just try to cleanse your hair with water and see whether it gets rid of the undesired oil from your scalp. If not, try using natural shampoos from brands like Forest Essential, The Body Shop, Maple Holistics, Boutique, etc. You can even use shampoo substitutes like baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and clay, etc. Just get rid of all the regular highly advertised shampoos. They are a hurdle between you and your healthy and strong hair. Another way is to soak all the excess oil in your hair with the help of a cotton ball. Basically, give your hair time off for washing.

2. Heat is not a treat for your hair

    1. Do not expose your hair to excess heat as it can make your hair all dry and fussy. Also, avoid using a hair dryer as it will just add more misery to your cause. It will exaggerate your problems as your hair has gone through enough heat already. Summer is a very sensitive time for your hair follicles as it tends to lose its strength due to all the constant heat from the sun. Therefore, try to keep your hair and head as cool as possible. You should also avoid using a flat iron as it will further augment to hair loss. Just try to go all natural and avoid all the steroids, pun intended.

3. Do not expose your head

5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Summer Ready

Boys can use hats to cover their heads and women can use scarfs or even hats for that matter to cover their heads. This will benefit your hair from all the wear and tear caused by strong winds and harsh sun rays. It can also help those people reading this article with colored hair. It will contribute to retaining your color for a much longer period. It will also keep the head moisturized and will not let it go all dry and messy.

4. Be cautious while swimming

    1. Heads up to all those people who use shampoo before they hit the pool. Do not ever use shampoo before going for a swim as it will remove all the essential oils from your head and will make you more susceptible to the chlorine and chemicals in the pool.
    1. When you are done swimming, you are ready to use shampoo with ethylene tetra- acetic acid as it will get rid of all the side effects of chlorine and other chemicals found in the pool.

5. Follow this diet for healthier hair this summer

    1. Nutrients are essential building blocks of your hair follicles. Likewise, water is also a key component for your healthy and strong hair. You should keep yourself hydrated at all times in summer as it will promote growth and glow to your hair. Include sufficient fruits & vegetables such as watermelons and broccoli in your diet as they have high water content. As you will increase the consumption of water every day, more water will be directed towards your hair follicles by your body which in result in keeping your hair moisturized.

Foods to consider:

      • Aloe Vera juice
      • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.)
      • Green leafy vegetables
      • Dairy (milk, curd, etc.)
      • Eggs
      • Fruits
      • Liquid (Juices, water, coconut water, etc.)

Therefore, I would like to end this article by saying that you are pretty well packed for your summer if you just go through these quick tips that I have mentioned above.
Good Luck!