Tips to wear high heels without foot pain


Do not let the gorgeous high heels make hard your legs , how learn to relieve pain and protect the health of your feet today.

Tips to wear high heels without foot pain

Using silicon buffer

When you wear high heels, not only the human finger, heel and ankle pain that sole is often the ache in every step. If to this long is not good for your health. Fortunately, advances in the fashion industry has introduced a product for small but very much support for the use of high heels. You can use silicone pads to wear shoes to reduce the stinging sensation in the soles.

Skin moisturizing foot

A foot with dry skin causes more pain when you look in high heels. Pressure when wearing shoes plus many easy friction blisters that you charge at the toes. The solution to this problem is to regularly moisturize your feet, take socks after applying cream to penetrate deeply . When you wear high heels, if possible you should also apply a layer of moisturizer before.

Step at short

The long steps can make you look attractive as a model on the catwalk but the effects that we shall leave never charm. When striding step, the pressure on the feet and knees will be more, you not only pain but the toe joints and may also be traumatized.

Do not wear high heels regularly

Please limit yourself by setting yourself a goal only wear high heels on the big occasions, only especially party . Also, you should look doll shoes, sneakers with to protect your feet.


Foot massage

If your job requires you regularly wear high heels, do not forget the daily routine foot massage. After cleaning the foot, you can use less oil to massage the feet, acupressure the soles of the feet and stretching the toes. This measure not only the smooth skin legs but also help toes relax after a day in high heels.


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