Lost Cherry Review – New Tom Ford Perfume for Women 2018


Eleven years ago, Tom Ford launched the most expensive perfume collection called the “Tom Ford Private Blend”. The collection possesses many unique and daring aromas. Neroli Portofino, Jasmin Rouge, Café Rose, Tobacco Vanille … and most recently Fucking Fabulous have been a wave in the perfume community for more than a decade. This winter, Mr. Ford’s ambition seems to be getting bigger, with the release of “Lost Cherry” – the first scent in the Private Blend collection that is slight “Gourmand”.

Inspired by the cherry sweetness of the cherry tree, the Tom Ford Lost Cherry, with its sweet, juicy sweetness, will stimulate the senses of sweetness of the fruit. Lost Cherry is the latest fragrance in 2018, which is part of Tom Ford’s exclusive Private Blend collection.

1. Design

The design is a highlight of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. Still retains the original classic bottle of the Private Blend line, but with this version, the perfume bottle is combined with red wine hidden under the transparent glass to bring a beautiful effect, fanciful and luxurious.

The design of the Tom Ford Lost Cherry is charming, with a touch of pink in it, as sweet as a cherry, salty and alluring, making anyone want to own it.

2. Fragrance

Lost Cherry is the creator of the perfume house Louise Turner. She has incorporated many different types of cherry in the world to create the Lost Cherry. The first cherry is called “cherry heering” – smells like cherry’s wine. The second type is black cherry, – smells “fruity” the most. And more interesting is the third ingredient, called the “griotte” syrup, which is commonly used in cocktail preparation found in the body of the cherry trees.

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Lost Cherry’s first scent is the smell of black cherry blossom, closer you can relate the taste when biting a cherry juicy pieces. Smell a bit more, you will notice a bit fat of the bitter almonds. And just a few seconds later, an alcoholic drink appeared, I realized the smell of cherry wine! Later on, the more ecstatic the drunk easily drunk with jelly blended extremely sweetly in cherry wine. Come here, you start to feel drunk. The base note on the skin is the aroma of rose jam, blended with each griotte cherry syrup.

Turner sprinkled a bit of tonka beans, vanilla and warm sandalwood on her cocktail. The tonka bean is so familiar that after all I remember it was used in “Fucking Fabulous” before.

Lost Cherry is a blend of pungent melon, sweet almond and woody flavor. Lost Cherry’s sweet, luscious Luxas Maraschino Cherries, the scent of cherries, red wine and the sweetness of almonds. Middle notes with the appearance of Turkish roses, sandalwood and jasmine glowing with other shades from nature. The base notes of cigar smoke mixed with tonka bean, vetiver, sandalwood and warm cedarwood, making Lost Cherry the most promising search of the year.

3. Sillage and Longevity

Lost Cherry is pretty good, similar to the other bottles in the Private Blend collection.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry will be suitable for those who are addicted to the sweet, warm fragrance that is not too ostentatious. This fragrance is much easier to infuse than other private blends, suitable for cold weather or evenings. The spread of Lost Cherry is quite close but it compensates for the good sillage to 8-10h.

4. Conclusion

Gourmand is a term for fragrances inspired by food. In the pedigree genealogy, the Gourmand family has the shortest history. But Gourmand’s flawlessness is not a barrier to the irresistible appeal of these delightful aromas. Sweet appetizers with ingredients such as sugar, milk, candy, cake, cream, vanilla … are a great source of inspiration for Gourmand perfumes. If you love the smooth, warm and “good” aroma, then Winter-Autumn is a great time to warm your skin with this scent.

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Wait until the price of Lost Cherry is perhaps the most impressive Gourmand perfume in Tom Ford. If you are addicted to eating the cherry if you want to find something new novelty strange from Tom Ford Private Blend. If you have never tried a Gourmand perfume, believe me, Lost Cherry is worth your investment this winter.


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