Top 10 Life hacks: For Everyday life


 1. Cracked Heels?

Are you suffering from burning and painful cracked heels?

Try this.

Top 10 Life hacks: For Everyday lifeTop 10 Life hacks: For Everyday life - Vaseline

Apply Vaseline to your feet and heels and put on your socks over night before going to sleep. Repeat this for 3 days to find happy feet with healed cracks and soft & glowing skin.

2. Dirty Apple keyboard?

Apple keyboards are dirt magnets. To make your apple keyboard look new, grab your nail polish remover and an ear bud, put a little quantity of remover each time on ear bud and rub on the keys gently. Repeat it till the all the dirt is gone.

Dirty Apple keyboardDirty Apple keyboardNOTE: Make sure you are not pressing the keys harshly, or putting a lot of liquid at once.

3. Fluffy hair after hair wash?

Never Brush your hair after a wash. “No brushing with a brush” Detangle it with a wide tooth brush and leave it alone. Because brushing leaves the hair looking fluffy and dry- and you don’t want that!

correct -Fluffy hair after hair washimage0054. Want New like Bathroom Fittings?

  1. Drop few drops of Harpic on an old tooth brush and apply it all over the fittings, leave for 5 minutes and wash them with water, just to find them as brand new. To maintain that new look scrub them with scotch brush whenever needed.

image007image008image009image0105. Precious and Expensive clothes?

We all love our clothes, Don’t we? We follow the fashion and pour money into our clothes and in some time we see them dying just after few washes. So how do we save our clothes? 

Here is how….

Turn them inside out before throwing them in the machine and press it the same way. You can also spread layers of old newspaper on the cloth and press it. This way the clothes retain their look.

image0116. Do you have some furniture behind your door and worry about it getting hit by the door?

Here is a hack.

  • Get two-way tape, mark the point on your door where it exactly meets the other furniture.
  • Now take the two way tape and put it on that marked point. Cushion it more by putting another layer on it.
  • Take a deep breath and now relax. Because, your furniture is safe from scratches and dents from the door. Yay!

Do you have some furniture behind your door and worry about it getting hit by the doorDo you have some furniture behind your door and worry about it getting hit by the door7. Cleaning silver

Have your silver objects lost their shine? Rub some COLGATE POWDER on the silver object with few drops of water. Rinse them and find your objects like brand new!

Cleaning silver8. Cockroaches around?

Do you happen to see cockroaches roaming around on your kitchen desk and No you don’t have anything around to smash it??  Grab the Colin bottle or any other soapy liquid and spray it on the roach to see it dying instantly :) 

Cockroaches around9. Shoe bite?

So, your shoes/sandals won’t stop biting even after you tried everything?


Shoe bitePut on some duck tape on the interior of the shoe/sandal where exactly it’s hurting your leg. This works like a plaster (Band aid) and helps your legs from the damage and pain

10. Black heads?

  • Of the methods out there I find using nose strips works best. But hey, do you know that you don’t have to buy the expensive NOSE STRIPS all the time? Well, I would say you don’t have to buy the at all! Yes, you can use the wax strips you have. Cut the strips into small pieces and use it on the nose just the way you use it while waxing your hands or legs. Trust me it works wonders!
  • Out of wax strips as well? Grab on that ducktape take a piece and use it the same way. Works great and no, it’s glue doesn’t damage your skin !

Black heads - wax stripsBlack heads


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