Top 10 Silly Morning Skin Care Mistakes Women Make


Whether your skin care regimen is just new or you have been following it religiously for years, there are certain things that can lead to the opposite of your desired effect. You may actually be doing more harm than good and the end result is having dull skin or suffering from premature aging signs. Your morning skin care is a vital part of your regimen but you need to learn how to do it correctly. Here are the most common errors women make when it comes to morning skin care.

Skin1. Not Cleansing

Most people know the importance of cleansing at night but it is equally important to cleanse every morning. This is because the cells in the skin continue to work at night, secreting sebum and toxins. You also sweat and constantly shed dead skin cells which can lead to blemishes and breakouts. Remember to cleanse your face every morning with a formulation that suits your skin type. There are special formulations for oily and acne-prone skin to reduce the risk of breakouts.

2. Cleansing Before Shampooing

This is a silly mistake if you really think about it because the shampoo can leave harmful chemicals and dirt. This can damage the skin since the pores are open, and also lead to skin problems such as acne. Cleansing your face after shampooing is what you should do if you want to keep your face clear and problem-free.

3. Using the Wrong Products

This is one of the silliest skin care mistakes, using random products that someone recommended or just buying something that caught your eye. First of all, you need to know your skin type. Then, you need to test the product first which is the reason you should try to look for a sample or buy a small container. You need to research a product carefully before buying.

4. Using Hot Water

Using hot water on your skin is not a good idea since it tends to dehydrate the skin. It is advisable to use lukewarm water for cleansing your skin or taking a shower (day or night). Remember that any kind of extreme temperature can cause an imbalance and lead to skin issues like dryness.

5. Exfoliating Before Going Out

Exfoliating is an important part of your skin care regimen. However, it is not advisable in the morning especially before going out. This is because it opens up the pores, making it easy for dust or dirt to penetrate the skin and cause clogged pores. This is why exfoliating the skin is recommended to be done during night-time skin care.

6. Incorrect Application Timing

After washing/scrubbing your face, you should dry it immediately with a clean towel and move on to the next step of your skin care routine. Experts highly discourage leaving the skin bare or dry for more than 30 seconds; this is also the perfect time to use topical formulations since the skin will be better at absorbing key ingredients. Remember to allow the formulation to dry completely before applying your next skin care product. This will allow the skin to thoroughly absorb the active ingredients for optimum results.

7. Improper Sunscreen Use

First of all, you need to use the right kind of sunscreen depending on how long you will be staying under the sun. You also need to know when you need to re-apply it since the effectiveness wears off as you sweat or when you swim. Take note that most people apply less than half of the amount needed. For the face alone, you need a teaspoon if you want to get enough sun protection factor. Don’t forget about your neck and chest which are also regularly exposed to sunlight. Even if you are using a moisturizer with SPF, you still need to apply sunscreen. Also, remember that you should apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before heading out so that it has enough time to be absorbed by the skin.

8. Not Utilizing Antioxidants

Antioxidants are amazing when it comes to protecting the skin from the UV rays of the sun. It also protects from free radicals and other factors that cause rapid skin aging. You need to know the right combination to look for in an anti-aging skin product. Vitamins C and E are common ingredients since there are powerful antioxidants that offer significant benefits to the skin. Ferulic acid is another good antioxidant you should look for in an anti-aging skin care formulation.

9. Using Ineffective Anti-Aging Products

Some people think they are practicing optimum anti-aging skin care but are actually not. You need to make sure the product you purchase is really effective like Hydrolux. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time and money. If you want to diminish wrinkles, look for products with powerful peptides like palmitoyloligopeptide, acetyl hexapeptide-8, Matrixyl 3000 and SYN-AKE. Some of these ingredients work similarly to Botox, quickly reducing fine lines and wrinkles . Also, make sure the product contains potent moisturizers like hyaluronic acid and squalane.

10. Not Having Any Kind of Skin Care Regimen

This is probably the silliest thing on the list but many women are guilty of this major mistake. They think that they don’t really need any kind of skin care routine in the morning and just wash their face with bath soap. Sooner or later, they will regret this decision as age lines appear and the skin becomes rough. A skin care regimen doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You just need to find the right products for your specific skin type.


There are many skin care mistakes that women continue to make. If you are guilty of committing any of the mistakes mentioned, you need to make the necessary changes as soon as possible. You need to adjust your skin care routine in order to keep your skin smooth, clear and youthful. Share this information with your family and friends since they may also be committing these mistakes which can have a negative impact on their skin’s appearance and health.

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