Top 5 foods to avoid to prevent body odor


Imagine you’re in this scenario. You walk into an elevator with a guy who possesses a very offensive body odor. What’s worse is that he’s alighting at the 20th floor while you will walk out at the 21st. You’re trapped and you just need to stop breathing for a while until he goes off. Oh, Brother, this is just one of those life’s worst possible experiences. But being the one with the bad body odor is more menacing—when everyone’s looking at you in a confined space while covering their noses or pinching their nostrils.

“Why is this happening?”, you ask. You’re taking a bath every day, spray some body cologne and perfume, and put on your deodorants. Still you get that awful smell. Probably this is because of your food consumption. In essence, what goes in comes out. This means that the food we intake matters in terms of the odor that comes out from our bodies. Some foods contain spices and toxins that produce foul odors, interfering and disrupting our social lives and leaving us a bad impression altogether. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 foods that we should avoid eating to prevent unpleasant body odor.

Top 5 Foods to Prevent

1. Shawarma

Shawarma and other Mediterranean or Persian fare usually contains spices like garlic and onions that cause not only a bad bout of body odor released through your pores as perspiration but also bad breath. This is because the spices with strong smells produce allicin and sulfurous gases that linger even after we eat them and when they are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. The spiciness of shawarma, on the other hand, causes us to sweat more therefore amplifying the chances of bacteria getting into our skin and the released body odor is just unacceptable.

2. Red meat

Though it’s been said that lean cuts of red meat provide us with healthy nutrition, each one of them – beef, pork, venison, buffalo, veal, mutton, lamb, etc. – are hard to digest. When it takes a long time for them to be digested and they remain still as stagnant inside our digestive tracts, it follows decomposition and releases toxins that produce awful-smelling gases ejected as flatulence and/or sweat.

Fast food-Top 5 foods to avoid to prevent body odor3. Dairy products

Dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese are rich in protein that’s good for the body. However, when the building blocks of proteins or the amino acids are broken down in our stomach, they trigger volatile sulfur compounds like hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan that result to sweat reeks. Bad results are even heightened if you’re lactose-intolerant, as the lactose is held undigested turning to bacteria prompting you to bloat and pass out gas.

4. Fried foods

Foods that are fried with too much oil and deep fats flare up poor digestion as they irritate the lining of digestive passage in our body. Like red meat, fried foods putrefy inside the digestive tract or large intestines, triggering abnormal back-flow of stomach acid and emanating bad odors. When this irritation goes up to the esophagus, you’ll sure smell like you haven’t brushed your teeth and cleaned your mouth for days.

5. Alcohol and coffee

Alcohol and other drinks with caffeine such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and the like dry and limit your mouth’s moisture, and volatile compounds again build up when this happens. Even after brushing and flossing, the result is that you’ll have mighty strong halitosis caused by plaque and bacteria. A good pointer is to drink a glass of water immediately after drinking these beverages.

If you smell good, you reveal that you keep a proper hygiene and a good diet. People approach and entertain good-smelling people than good-looking ones but unattractive when they have an overpowering intolerable bad body odor. Living up to avoiding these foods in our list will help you become more presentable. It’s also advisable not to eat these foods when you’re going out to party with lots of people. Just this little effort will take you a long way to meeting more friends and enjoying your social life.


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