Top 20 Best Long Lasting Perfume For Woman 2017

It is not easy to choose the fragrance that you like, so it is more difficult to store it on your body. So, the article below will help you choose the best long lasting perfume for the woman, best suited to the personality, the purpose of use from our scent experts.

Ultimate Guide to Top 20 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Women 2017

PictureNameLongevity (hour)Best season to usePriceCustomer reviews
Chic - Carolina Herrera7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer$$4.6
Beautiful - Estée Lauder7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.6
L'eau d'Issey- Issey Miyake7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.5
Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.7
Fracas - Robert Piguet>12All Seasons$$4.4
Bright Crystal Absolu - Versace7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer$$4.4
Sporty Citrus - Michael Kors7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer$$4.9
Eau Rose - Diptyque7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer$$4.7
Alessandro Dell` Acqua7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$$5
Breathless – Victoria`s Secret7 - 12Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall$$4.5
Hypnotic Poison - Christian Dior>12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.6
Euphoria - Calvin Klein7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.5
Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Parfum Spray for Women7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.5
The One By Dolce & Gabbana For Women7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.4
Crystal Noir - Versace7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.3
La Vie Est Belle - Lancome7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.6
Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci 7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.4
Wish By Chopard For Women7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.4
Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum Spray7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.6
Cashmere Mist By Donna Karan For Women7 - 12Day, Night, Fall, Winter$$4.3

How to choose the right Perfumes for Women

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How to make your perfume last longer

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Review 20 Best Long Lasting Colognes for Her

1. Chic –  Carolina Herrera

Best Long Lasting Perfume For WomanChic is the perfume of the Carolina Herrera brand, launched in 2002. This is a feminine and seductive perfume, created by Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier.

Chic Perfume begins with the scent of fresh, fresh, tender flowers, surrounded by sensual wooden scents in the background. In addition, fragrances carry the scent of Chinese mandarin, orange blossom, vanilla, white musk, South African red and Bulgarian petals.

The bottle is designed with abstract style, just modern and simple. Chic light, elegant, very feminine red color; But not feminine weakness, but passion, strong. For that purpose, simplicity and red tones have been selected for the design, the shape of the bottle is simple, and the aroma itself is the perfect balance between freshness and sensuality.

This is a bottle of perfume for women simple and delicate, but prominent but not cause too much attention. Chic is a perfect choice for a fun, comfortable life. Just spray on the skin or dress you wear, you will have a light, seductive scent, according to you throughout the day.


2. Beautiful – Estée Lauder

Brand Estee Lauder launched a new floral scent in 1985. Inspired by his own wedding event and as well as important milestones in the lives of young women, Madame Lauder created A unique and sexy fragrance named Beautiful. Madame Lauder is also an art lover. The rustic atmosphere of Manet’s “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” blew up a soulful part of Beautiful in a subtle and creative way.

Galbanum, bergamot, lemon and black raspberry on the base of a mixture of white flowers like jasmine, lily, orchid, orange blossom and orchid. Like the perfumes made in the United States, rose and violet rose gradually became warm and sweet with some strawberries and cherries. Finally, there is a fascinating aroma of wood, sandalwood, sandalwood and cedar wood, with some musk and vanilla.

The oval bottle is made of transparent glass, combined with a gold-plated metal cap with dividing grooves.

Beautiful of the brand Estee Lauder is a sweet scent can bring joy to life. This will be the perfect choice for those who are looking to bring a little sweet to their simple life

3. L’eau d’Issey- Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake always cherishes the idea of creating a pure scent like water springs from the great harmony of the waterfall, the floral taste and the beautiful spring forest. L’Eau d’Issey has proven a tremendous destructive power, especially in the US market in the 1990s. L’Eau d’Issey brings the oceany fragrance of interwoven ocean grass. The product is refined by Jacques Cavallier.

Incense flair is too harmonious in each rhythm. Melon extract fills the sense of smell by the sweetness of just enough to not overwhelm the subtle interference of pure lotus nuance. However, the most delicious sweet notes are sown by South African orchids. The seaweed and oceanic tones of the sea resonate with the name of the perfume. The base notes are endowed with a vague vagueness of wood and amber. L’Eau D’Issey spreads its inspiration very lightly through the transformation of the beauty of water into a little vanity illusory or just a dry, passionate. All harmonics should be in a perfect state to make the scent more refreshing and linger longer. The secret to the middle notes of long-term deposition is probably also.

L’Eau d’Issey is an oceanic fragrance combined with flower grass pioneered in sleek, sleek design. The conical bottle is impressed by the translucent glass, silver-plated metal lid and marble on top of the bottle.

Since 1992, Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey has become a fresh, flowing, floral fragrance for women looking for a simple fragrance of their own. The soft, feminine breath of perfume is perfectly suited for social events and gives you the flexibility just enough to fill your own costume preferences. Whether for a night out with friends or just hanging out in a small house, L’eau D’issey is absolutely the first choice in the moment you appear.

4. MaDame – Jean Paul Gaultier

After the new version for the gentleman, Monsieur Eudu Matin, the product has been in stores since April 1, 2008. A new perfume for women, which completes Gaultier’s collection of magic fragrances, was MaDame for women introduced by Jean Paul Gaultier in September 2008. Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame A line of natural floral fragrance.

MADAME consists of roses, pomegranate syrup, musk and cedar. The vortex of orange and fresh roses glow with pomegranate syrup. With the right amount of perfume, this fragrance blends orange, cedar, rose, velvet, pomegranate and musk for a lovely floral texture.

The bottle is designed as a transparent block of glass, with a pink color, with a classic Classique (Classical) sculpture. The outer packaging is white, pink and black.

From Jean Paul Gaultier, a iconic and famous name in the fashion industry, the Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame perfume for women is a fascinating and appealing scent. Ma Dame will make every turn look at you wherever you go. It works perfectly for every event, from a picnic in the park to a day on the beach with friends.

5. Fracas – Robert Piguet

Fracas was first introduced in 1948 and was reintroduced in 1998. A mesmerizing fragrance in Parisian style is known as a symbol of simplicity and sophistication, but also The desire of women all over the world. And in 2008, the Robert Piguet brand celebrated the 60th anniversary of this great scent. The creator of this fragrance is Germaine Cellier

The beginning will be a fresh and pure scent with a blend of bergamot, pink mandarin and lilac. The sweetness gradually spread, pulling the beautiful white flowers appear. Pure and pure, lily flowers, white daffodils, white flowers, white iris flowers, pink orchid flowers as beautiful as the full of passion and passion of lily, gradually melted in the mixture Orange flowers, violet flowers and the last wooden notes. Sandalwood, vetiver grass and musk are all sexy and luxurious, creating a veil of curtain that surrounds the sense of smell and brings you to great vibrations.

Bottle body is designed in a black rectangular shape, highlighted on the bottle body is the name of the white label. The cylindrical white cylinder cap contrasts with the bottle body to create a simple yet eye-catching and extremely luxurious overall.

Elegant and pleasant, modern and delicate, extremely feminine and sexy, light and provocative, the contours of carvings etched in floral and fracas will make all People must pay close attention to you, to look at you with eyes full of admiration and craving. Feel Fracas with just the right amount, so that the fragrance is always tougher to take you and put you in harmony with the magnificent view of the capital of Paris.

6. Bright Crystal Absolu – Versace

Following the glorious success of the Bright Crystal version, the Versace brand has teamed up with Euroitalia to jointly launch a more powerful version called the Bright Crystal Absolu. “Following the popularity of Bright Crystal worldwide, we wanted to respond to the desires of more demanding customers with a more vivid version,” said Giovanni Sgariboldi, president of Euroitalia. Bright Crystal Absolu was created by renowned producer Alberto Morillas.

Bright Crystal Absolu offers a fresh start with a smooth yolk mixture and freezes storage. Next, the peony, lotus flower, lotus and raspberry fruit are gradually introduced into the game. By the end of the day, the mixture of mahogany wood, plant amber and white musk blends together, bringing a warm and charming experience.

Bottles are designed similarly to the original version but with a darker pink tint and meanwhile the outer carton is decorated with gray and white flowers.

A great creation for ladies from the contemporary fashion icon – Versace Bright Crystal Absolu, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu offers an incredibly sexy and attractive scent, and will definitely never make you. disappointed.

7. Sporty Citrus – Michael Kors

Designer Micheal Kors has launched a new collection of perfume bottles along with new color cosmetics in August 2013. The perfume bottles in this collection are Sporty Citrus, Sexy Amber And Glam Jasmine, all inspired by Michael Kors’s favorite memories of these scents. Of which Sporty Citrus is a bold citrus scent and refined by Honorine Blanc.

Sporty Citrus fragrance of citrus oranges, orange juice, delicate citrus and delicate orange flowers, all supported and perfected by soft musk notes. Musk also helps to make perfume last longer.

This fragrance collection has the same bottle design, elegant rectangular bottle design. Transparent glass shows the different colors of the three fragrances (Sporty Citrus Transparent, Sexy Amber Orange,

Fresh and trendy with a casual style are words that can be used to describe the scent of Sporty Citrus. This is a fragrance for active women and is always looking for new adventures.

8. Eau Rose – Diptyque

Eau Rose is a perfume of the Diptyque brand, launched in 2012. The product belongs to the group of floral fragrances for women who love natural flowers and succulent fruits. Perfume will bring the feeling of lightness, sweet with the main tone is the scent of seductive roses.

Bergamot notes of fresh citrus scent are found in most fragrances of the fruity floral blossom. Long fabric incense is followed by the blending of flowers, especially the sweet scent of roses – the queen of flowers bring. To increase the depth of the fragrance, the secretaries added secrets to the mystery of musk and cedar wood, which added to the final notes.

The bottle of Eau Rose is designed to be reduced in two classic black and white tones, with a rose pattern on the bottle body to create a harmonious and beautiful overall, exudes elegance and elegance.

Diptyque’s Eau Rose is an almost perfect scent for everyday use. This is a fragrance that will leave a gentle impression when you go anywhere. Whether you are walking around the city or having lunch with friends, if you choose Eau Rose to use, you will capture the curious look. Just because you deserve it.

9. Alessandro Dell` Acqua

Alessandro Dell ‘Acqua launched his first perfume bottle in 2001 and took the name of the brand to name the perfume. The fragrance of the fragrance falls into the flower of the grass – Oriental and is refined by Olivier Cresp. If you just look through the fragrances of perfume, you might think that this is a perfume bottle that is infused with the sweet scent of flowers, but not, Alessandro Dell ‘Acqua is one of the water bottles. Rare flowers, able to blend into the skin of the user.

From the very beginning, you can feel the floral scent of pea and a little bit of chalk comes from two notes of grotto and geranium. You are a small geranium) and stretches throughout the middle notes. What makes the scent more prominent is the aroma of wood from sandalwood, which helps to perfect and prolong the life of the fragrance. This nourishing incense and incense stick create a sensual and muscular scent that is more feminine and appealing.

The perfume bottle has a rather simple design with a transparent glass body and a silver lid wrapped around it with a black thread as a highlight for the perfume bottle.

Since its introduction, this fragrance has quickly become a popular female fragrance everywhere and its scarcity makes the ladies yearn to have this fragrance in their collection.

10. Breathless – Victoria`s Secret

Breathless was launched in 2003 by Victoria’s Secret underwear and perfume, a floral fragrance for women. The person who made this fragrance was Annie Buzantian.

The scent featured with the fresh, passionate and bitter aroma of Neroli orange is quite clear from the moment your perfume touches your body. Then there will be a sweet, sweet bitter tasting of fresh persimmon sweet tangerine with a great charm. The fragrant aroma gradually brings a pleasant and pleasant aroma, soft, natural aroma of long-lasting sandalwood throughout the day.

Water-repellent glass-shaped shape in sexy pink with glass vial lid makes Breathless’s own refinement. The shape brings the pure white beauty of the angels.

Breathless possesses an attractive and refreshing scent that makes women beautiful and sexy in the eyes of others, especially men. Fragrance stored on the body for a long time, you can use it as a personal fragrance.

11. Hypnotic Poison – Christian Dior

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior is an oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Hypnotic Poison was launched in 1998. The perfume for this fragrance is Annick Menardo.

Highlighted by jasmine, the top notes of sweet note are topped with fine notes of musk and vanilla. Homogeneous aroma of musk, with the purity and nuance of metallic incense, creates a beautiful contrasting contrast with the bitter taste of almonds, bringing a refreshing touch to the flavor of food. Over time, musk fragrances are warm, delicate, not a wild musk, gradually spreading, initially soothing and then almost hugging all the scent. Amber with smooth sandalwood carries an interesting aspect, like a red silk fabric that fills the light. Immediately, the timbre becomes deeper, while the lines are still soft, the arrangement of the incense sticks retains its radiance.

The bottle is designed like a poisoned apple in Snow White’s fairytale. Beautiful and seductive but deadly, as implied by the name of the perfume. The bottle is a design by Maurice Marinot.

Show off your passion for Christian Dior’s Poison Hypnotic. Hypnotic Poison is the ideal way to add a touch of mystery and into your life. Use some of the pulse points on your arm before going out to have a fun day or have a romantic date.

12. Euphoria – Calvin Klein

The scent of grass flowers – the rare fruit called Euphoria was launched in 2005. The fragrance is bright and sweet thanks to the notes of fruit present in the perfume bottle. Euphoria appears mysterious and attractive as a strange flower in the dark. Euphoria was created by Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong.

Start with a sweet fruit scent with pomegranate and pink berries and the aroma of synthetic grass to create freshness and soothe the sweetness of the top notes. It quickly shifts down to the base layer, which is a floral blossom mixed with fruit, the overall warmth of the scent with smooth notes of patchouli, amber and musky seductive scent.

Although the bottle design is difficult to grasp, its image is unique, and it looks like a budding flower, in line with the floral fragrance – the fruit of the scent bottle.

Sensual, seductive, sexy and attractive. Experience the mystery of Euphoria through its subtle, refreshing, refreshing scent. It tells the women about the urge to get away from the everyday tedious life, instead inviting you to enjoy the joys of life. The smell of incense and incense is very strong, it can be said that it is difficult to remove this fragrance from your skin. Whatever the occasion, it is not a suitable perfume for a hot summer day.

13. Shalimar – Guerlain

Shalimar is a perfume bottle created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925 and is considered to be the first Oriental-inspired perfume, inspired by the immortal love of Emperor Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz. Mahal. Shalimar is named after the “garden of Shalimar” – which is Mamtaz’s favorite garden. Shalimar is one of the best-selling perfume bottles and what it delivers is undeniable. The scent is a combination of lemon, lemon and orange bergamot, jasmine, rose, medicinal tonic, tonka bean, vanilla, balsam, balsam and gray amber.

The bottle was designed by Raymond Guerlain, cousin of Jacques, and the Shamilar bottle sent pictures of the fountain in the royal garden of the East. The lid with the image of a blue fan, is used extensively in traditional costumes as things to cover up the mysterious charm.

Top notes are full of fresh citrus notes (especially Bergamot). The colors from the floral notes give the overall fragrance of the perfume a special, delicate fragrance with the presence of jasmine flowers, jasmine and rose. Fruity vanilla flavors like glittering creams, combined with irresistible incense sticks, all revolve around the aroma of a medicinal and warm tonka bean flavor, all blended into a unifying whole. No language can be described.

The Queen of Oriental Flavors, Shalimar is a feminine fragrance, full of charm and immortality for the world of perfume. Perfume and seductive scent with sweet vanilla flavor embraces the warm incense of incense and amber. Luxury and persistence, the seductive charm of Shalimar contained.

14. The One – Dolce&Gabbana

Best Long Lasting cologne For WomanFrom the designer’s point of view, The One is a woman’s fragrance that can immediately attract the attention of others not just because of their appearance but also because of their personality and temperament. And the inner world inside. Like the other D & G fragrances, The One is bold, distinctive and attractive. The One was released in 2006.

Start with a light and refreshing scent with citrus notes, bergamot, litchi and peach, followed by jasmine, ylang ylang and white lavender flowers in harmony with a little citrus scent. It creates a feeling of tenderness and relaxation, and finally the main notes of wood pulp are grassroot, amber, musk and vanilla. The One uses peach and manmade scent, with vanilla flavors playing a key role throughout, and when combined with the aroma of the fruits gives a sense of sweetness, then it becomes more refined. Important and mature when the smell fades. The aroma of The One is not too heavy so you can use it in hot seasons, not only that, it is also a delicate combination of vanilla notes, amber mixed with soft sweet of Peach.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana built and developed the bottle design ideas of The One. The bottle of perfume wrapped in a golden glow as if to be noticed, praised and loved. The bottle design inspired by perfume traditions is still a good example of a luxury lifestyle, and the designer of the bottle is Pierre Dinand.

The One is a warm floral bouquet of oriental flowers but still creates a modern, attractive style of personality and is a sweet contrast. The One was created for the best women with a tempting, modern, luxurious fragrance mixed with a few classics.

15. Crystal Noir – Versace

In 2004, the perfumer Donatella Versace released the perfume Crytal Noir created by the talented perfume maker Antoine Lie.

The top notes are a combination of ripe fruit juices and the crisp scent of pepper, combined with a sweet, seductive background. This taste is slightly warm in the beginning, but will soften pretty quickly and place the sweet coconut flavor! But this coconut flavor does not create the usual sense of warmth, it is sweet but pleasant. As the aroma stabilizes on the skin, the fragrance of white flowers gradually appears and becomes stronger gradually, overall the aroma gradually becomes more natural and attractive. What is more interesting is that this incense also has the aroma of earth, like a steppe with tons of white flowers blooming scented aroma and next to the incense of soil, rocks and things coming from nature. Other gradually emerges in your subconscious.

The Crytal Noir perfume bottle is designed as a luxurious, luxurious Garner glass that exudes elegance, fashion and elegance.

With the perfect scent from the first grade until the last incense, Crytal Noir can turn you into a wild princess in the jungle that can turn you into a queen at parties or make you A beautiful, seductive, seductive girl who shakes her bearded heart from the first glance.

16. La Vie Est Belle – Lancome

This elegant, yet elegant bouquet was created by perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. This scent is the result of more than three years of study and is the crystallization of more than 5000 variants. Amber Flower is the key ingredient of a perfume bottle, surrounded by orange blossom and jasmine flowers in the middle. The fragrance opens with the aroma of ripe berries of blackberry and pear- sage, the base is warm and smooth with a nutty aroma of almonds from tonka bean, praline bean paste, patchouli and vanilla.

The bottle is redesigned from the classic bottle of Lancome in 1949. The simple bottle looks good with the feminine pink fuchsia, the accompanying accessories are the elegant gray ribbon representing a girl with a silk scarf fashion.

Introduced with the scent of explosive, spicy, sour, floral aromas, with an aroma of herbs gradually changing into the flavor of fruit wine. When it comes to middle class, La Vie est Belle brings the scent of chocolate, banana and honey, enriched with jasmine and orange blossom. The aroma of the alcohol/herbs remains in the background until the scent begins to shine and the aroma turns into a scent of praline cake. The sweetness from the top notes is smooth from the top notes to the final notes, creating a whole body of delicious food but still very gentle and elegant.

La Vie Est Belle is a fragrance of Lancome, launched in the fall of 2012. The idea of this fragrance revolves around a natural and simple beauty, human freedom before the rings. Your own laws and views on the definition of happiness. This perfume is like a new look on life, inspired by the enjoyment and joy of the smallest things.

17. Ricci Ricci – Nina Ricci

The Nina Ricci brand launched a new fragrance named Ricci Ricci in 2009. Ricci Ricci was created by famous duo Aurelien Guichard and Jacques Huclier.
The opening is a strange and mysterious combination of citrus and rhubarb. Chay and pungent, completely contrasted with the freshness and purity of citrus, as opposed to the sweetness of tuberose, but when gradually dry, this mixture melts together with roses and Beautiful white flowers. And at the end, the last of the woods is resounded, set on a mysterious, luxurious, mature and unique ellipse.

The bottle is designed in the curve of a woman, cute, mischievous but also very sexy, combined with pink color and ribbon stretching on the curves of the same curves as Mademoiselle Ricci.

A beautiful orchestra of strikingly beautiful contrasts, Ricci Ricci seems to be always up to date and appealing to every last note. Certainly, sweet, classy, mysterious and provocative, they will all harmonize and bring you to all the burning glimpses of the people ahead.

18. Wish – Chopard

Wish is the fragrance for women of the Chopard brand, sweet oriental vanilla. It was launched in 1999 by Nathalie Lorson.

The aroma of the head is quite radiant, you can smell the strong coconut aroma, then the honeydew honey gradually regained its prestige. However, only after 30 minutes, this fragrance will soften and soften with a smooth, musky scent. This fragrance can change the scent of your skin and transform it into a fragrance with a perfect combination of a sweet and soft aroma of caramel, patchouli, honey, sandalwood, Musk, vanilla, incense. The flowering time of this perfume is long, perhaps after a long day, including bathing time and an eight-hour nap.

Elegant design and elegantly styled blue diamond design. A silver lid with a delicate grip makes for an elegant and creative overall. This set is very convenient for women to bring with you to use when necessary.

Wish has great scent, this is a perfect masterpiece for romantic and courteous women. People will recognize you as soon as you have not appeared because of the fragrance characteristic of this perfume bottle.

19. Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum – Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli launched his new fragrance in 2012, with the name simply Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum. It was created for women who like to be at the center of attention and look at Cavalli’s animal-patterned dresses. The creator of this fragrance is Louise Turner of the Givaudan brand. The perfume is certified by Roberto Cavalli, inspired by seduction, sensuality & personality. No for sexy, graceful & intelligent women, attracting every look – or in other words a woman of Roberto Cavalli. He stated that “a strong personality is the most sexy thing a woman can have”.

This fragrance has a floral scent – the eastern one is passionate, its scent is based on the orange floral fragrance symbolizing the feminine femininity of the Italians. There are also fragrances of scented incense, pink pepper, tonka bean and vanilla bean. The aroma of the head opens with a spicy scent of pink pepper before stepping into the middle of the scent of orange blossom. The tinge of lily incense is gentle here. The final flavor is dominated by tonka bean paste.

The rounded bottle of rose petals symbolizes the woman’s curve revealing the yellowish perfume inside. The bottle cap is decorated with tiger skin pattern with the top decorated with the symbol of Roberto Cavalli as a gemstone.

You will definitely love the seductive & sexy scent of Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum. Roberto Cavalli introduces this perfume for confident and daring women. This delicate & rich fragrance will make you stand out from the crowd & impress in the eyes of the enemy. Its aroma is suitable for daily use, it will make you feel confident and extremely charming.

20. Cashmere Mist – Donna Karan

An oriental fragrance gentle, Cashmere Mist is a cult scent. When Donna Karan was asked why Cashmere Mist had become such a favorite, she said, “The scent is born of true passion, and I love cashmere. A way of life, that is why Cashmere Mist must be like that. ‘Cashmere Mist was introduced to the public in 1994 and re-launched again in 2004.

Casmere Mist is a fragrance for active women (woody, suede) with romantic soul (jasmine). Initially passionate, but once deposited on the scent becomes sweet. The true essence of cashmere blossoms at the end of this warm and sexy fragrance. This fragrance is light and sweet, with warm woody notes. Moroccan, lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, amber and musk. The scent is clean, sweet, delicate and feminine, light enough to use anytime, anywhere. Cashmere Mist hears vanilla fragrance with the late aroma of white flowers and sandalwood.

Stephan Weiss, late husband of Donna Karan, a professional sculptor, created the Cashmere Mist. He was inspired by the sexy curves on the back of the woman.
Bring a tradition and sophistication, yet elegant and clean. This is a great fragrance for everyday use. Flavors are very light, so it is best to apply lotion then spray on the lotion to leave the fragrance for longer.

Wish you find a pleasant scent. If you know of other good scents, please leave a comment below!!!