Top 10 Best Rose Scented Perfume For Women 2016

Rose scent is sweet and gentle aroma is one of the most popular women using the perfume. Thewomanlife will suggest you Top 10 Best Rose Perfume For Women you can choose.

Top 10 Best Rose Scented Perfume For Women 2016

Ultimate Guide to Top 10 Best Rose Scented Perfume For Women 

PictureNameStylePriceCustomer reviews
LANCÔME MIDNIGHT ROSEGentle, exquisite, seductive.$$5
BVLGARI ROSE ESSENTIELLEGentle, charming and attractive$$4.4
CAROLINA HERRERA VIP ROSEFeminine, gentle$$4.5
NARCISO RODRIGUEZ FOR HER EDPSexy, feminine, exquisite$$4.4
Estee Lauder PleasuresBold, feminine, glamorous$$4.6
Chloe Roses De ChloeFeminine, sexy, seductive$$4.5
Goutte de Rose By Cartier Feminine, friendly, noble$$4.7
Ralph Lauren RomanceGentle, feminine, natural$$4.5
Giorgio Armani Si Natural, calm, charm$$4.5

How to choose the right Perfumes for Women

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Review 10 Best Rose Scented Perfume  for Women

Chloe Roses De Chloe

Gentle and graceful, fragrance leads you step foot wandering in Paris rose garden beautiful. Opening of the clear notes of bergamot extract pigment mixed with a bit of fresh roses, Roses De Chloe immediately initiate a fresh inspiration from the incredible spread citrus notes of incense first floor. Continue rekindled scent of Damask rose essences extracted interwoven with magnolia paint strokes extremely modern blend. Last flavor is mellow dance in the production of amber and musk beautiful steamy. Roses de Chloe is a slowly evolving amazing flavor shine just as durable power of this fragrance.


With her typical office will no longer alien to BVLGARI Rose Essentielle by rose scent in a very elegant Italy style characterized. Perfume BVLGARI Rose Essentielle commission not spectacular but enough to stay on the list of “must haves” of any girl for subtlety when there is a good mixture between rose flowers with a scent of wood, musk, patchouli, violets and accent. This scent will be compatible to your daily use or as streetwear, light refreshment.


If you’re looking for an unusual rose scent, try to notice the Carolina Herrea 212 VIP Rose. Strange here is the component notes of fragrance incense without smelling the roses as in name, but the blending of pungent taste champagne, peach flavor feminine with wood, musk and amber brings a feeling as it is seductive scent of roses. Strange but familiar feeling when using this scent is sure to bring an experience “rose” for your wonderful.


Do you like a rose scent extremely sweet with a hint of passionate charm? Try Lancome Midnight Rose experience to be able to enjoy that feeling. As the name Midnight Rose and bottle design with subtle purple color with black satin roses has piqued the silhouette of the sexy girl in the night party. Mainstream scent from roses, peony, raspberry and vanilla create a seductive honey without any guy can resist. Let the evening is an opportunity for you to transform into roses the night with Midnight Rose Lancôme.


Rosabotanica Balenciaga is a scent inspired by the spring woods with wild roses filled carefree beauty. Roses are Balenciaga perfume described in this not so gentle as rose scent else you’ve ever smelled before, but the extremely strong vitality. Besides roses you will also slightly pungent smell of pink pepper, cardamom and a little warmth of the woods like you’re lost in the middle of a jungle really.


Rose is surrounded by smoke musk is what can be used to describe a sexy scent of perfume bottles. Musk is inherently characteristic flavor notes of the perfume lines of Narciso Rodriguez should obviously you will see the emergence of musk than commission, but it was the highlight for Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP. Rose scent at the time hidden subtle and provocative enough to make men curious about your beauty.

Goutte de Rose By Cartier

Goutte de Rose features a rose scent seductive characteristics that a woman should have. The scent starts with rose scent is full of charm and sophistication, hidden under the petals that flickers ripe berry sweet smell filled quietly. A while after the scent settles, meanwhile, vanilla and woody hui appeared gently. And finally after about 3-4 hours only lingering scent of amber.

Goutte de Rose scent is a great choice for your favorite glamor girl, Creme add sweetness. Due to the close flavor shine suitable for use in office environments or a walk with friends.

Estee Lauder Pleasures

Pleasures by Estee Lauder perfume can be likened to a bright flowers after the rain, was designed to “fit every woman in every season and at every moment.” Pleasures reflects the desire of a woman to experience and cherish the treasures of everyday life. Pleasures perfume created by the talented hands of designer perfumes and Alberto Morillas Annie Buzantian from Firmenich; and was released in 1995.

Top notes class that uses the essence of pink berries, this is the first time in the history of perfume with this fragrance used, and create a first impression really bright and cheerful. Layer between the explosive flavor with floral fragrance of white lily, peony, lilac, orchids and roses. End class taste harmoniously combines sandalwood incense and patchouli, creating a passionate but also very gentle

This is a perfume quite easy to use and separated itself from the others with genuine fragrance thanks to its prominence. Pleasures scent of attractive woman moi worldwide and earned the title of the top 10 best-selling perfume in 1995.

Ralph Lauren Romance

After nearly 30 years of establishment, famous perfume brand Ralph Lauren has introduced a new product line carries the scent of romance associated with happiness moments called Romance. The father of this aroma by Harry Fremont and released in 1998.

Opening with a combination of roses and citrus oils help Romance fragrance exudes an extremely unique. Next, layer characteristic fragrance of lilies, white violet, lily combined with a hint of warm, spicy ginger and carnations help Romance becomes gentle, ethereal and pure than ever. And then when deposited in the last layer of incense, patchouli, musk and white oak makes the whole becomes sweet scent, feminine and romantic.

As a gratitude for a romantic love and eternity, Romance perfume line is a perfect fit for the intimate atmosphere and the simple pleasures in life is busy. This is a blend of classic perfumes with flair, modern romance helped make this special

Giorgio Armani Si

Giorgio Armani brand has launched a floral scent – fresh fruit, called Si in 2013. Christine Nagel expert who has created scents of Si

Si scent is built on the foundation of the floral fragrance to the beauty, elegance, dynamism and free spirit of today’s women. The opening is a mix of bergamot and black blackcurrant powerful and passionate, then it slowly fade and give way to floral middle notes class. Charm, charisma jasmine combined with the tenderness of rose and neroli, blended together. When gradually evaporates, the scent started showing vanilla and wood, leaving a layer of incense lingered, attractive and elegant

Si is the essence of class and beauty. Si Perfume is a fragrance for women who are not afraid to show their feminine aspect. The scent will surely make but others last to look when you walk.

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